….this has got to be my most random post yet

I’ve been thinking of what to blog about but nothing really pops up, partially because I haven’t been watching TV and I haven’t been out much these days because the weather’s horrible where I am and it just ruins my entire mood. I’m kinda in a depressed slump too…. So I’ve become a bit of a hermit, retreating into my Sims 2 game on my laptop to erode away my boredom.

You may have read my previous blog entries about my orginal characters from one of my stories, Cosmopolitan Girl KHR Syle. In it, it features Haku and Rai, who have both been up on my deviantart account.

And if you’ve read my other post about The Sims 2, you’ll know just how much I love making Sims after characters. I used to have Final fantasy VII Cloud Sim, Sephiroth Sim, Tifa and Aerith Sim who all seemingly got on each other nerves, although Cloud sim and Sephiroth sim eventually became lovers. I didn’t see a heart symbol beside their portrait in the relationships panel but whenever they would greet each other, it was alway a kiss on the cheek. Hmm. Anyway, I lost those sims…they were a LONG time ago… I also lost them along with my KHR Sims, so no more Hibari-Werewolf sim or Gokudera-Plantsim sim etc because I didn’t back them up and uninstalled Apartment Life. I have no pictures, either TT_TT

Anyway, I made a Haku sim and Rai sim and placed them in one lot, motherloded them. Since Haku plays guitar, I bought an electric guitar for him (DUH). Rai sim got a percussion set but he hardly uses it. I set Rai sim’s aspirations to ‘Pleasure’ or whatever it was and now all he cares about is wanting to buy all sorts of toys and games and jumping on the sofa.

Haku sim ended up becoming a Criminal mastermind; he’s very neat and I don’t have to control him too much because he has a lot of common sense and doesn’t need me to click on him all the time to go and use the toilet. His logic is off the charts and he has an obsession with painting whenever he gets the chance. He also got a pet cat. Rai works at a convenience store clerk although he really wants to become a Professional Party Guest. Pfft. He also owns a bubble blowing machine and a yellow sports car. Ohhh Rai.

He’s also VERY lazy. Surprisingly enough, I managed to force him to unclog the toilet once.

Rai unclogs the toilet. Simply fascinating. Sorry it is such a tiny picture.

As you can tell, I am very bored these days. So very bored.

Want your bad bromance


Here are more pictures, including their new room-mate, Touya. And Rai gets a new hairdo.

Rai makes an evil looking snowman

…Here’s something random. The funniest joke I got from the Metro today was this:

I needed a new password which was 8 characters long, so I picked Snow White and the Seven Dwarves


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