If you see a zombie, do not panic! Call 0141 XXX XXXX

When I went out with K yesterday for coffee and a walkaround the city centre, there were exciting news about Brad Pitt’s new zombie movie, World War Z, would be filming in our city! Apparently, it’s because of the architecture and ‘wide roads and grid layout’ of a certain area of the city I live in which was appropriate for a scene. Surprisingly enough, I am tempted to go see this World War Z when it comes out in cinema.

There were lots of people walking around taking photos of the props on display. I was one of them

Anyway, K and I were excited because hardly anything happens in our city, especially not a Hollywood movie star coming here. Apparently, a car drove all the way into the station and up to the train he was getting off, and they had to use Brad Pitt’s body double to lure screaming fans away from the train while the actor got into the car.

Another street prop

There was a street sign saying ‘There will be sounds of weaponry being fired and pyrotechnics. Two car crashes will be staged at the north and southeast corner’. A newspaper even said ‘If you see a zombie, do not panic, call this hotline: 0800 XXX XXXX’ LOL

A SWAT van. There were other cars too, including Philadephian police cars and yellow taxis. LOL at the sign over the Ernst and Young building

 K and I did a circle around the filming location but there were a lot of spots you weren’t allowed to go in. They also put up a black barricade to stop people from looking in, but obviously the paprazzi had other ideas (see photo below):

Paparazzi on ladders!


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