Oh my what?

…one of my stories, called Oh My Alucard is one of the fics although I said I didn’t want to write anymore (I’m such a hypocrite NYARGH). I’ve lost interest in the others, even Agnus Dei, which is EXTREMELY depressing and makes me depressed when I write it too. Oh My Alucard is a Hellsing fic, with Alucard x OC.

This guy here

As much as I am getting tired of writing OC fics, I started this mainly for fun, when I watched the first episode of the anime. I was never really a fan of vampires or werewolves but I’m starting to see the appeal. I don’t watch True Blood nor have I read Twilight or any other vampire fad that’s happening at the moment. But I didn’t want to write about some misfit outcast girl who will fall for a tall, dark and brooding stranger, find out about his secret and then some stuff happens and they all live happily forever.

...Hellsing happily ever after?

I started Oh My Alucard on a lighter note and I wanted to write about a different perspective about vampires, about a trainee nurse who almost gets attacked by a vampire and is saved Alucard who identifies her as a mate. As cliche as it sounds, that was kinda the point, except I’m starting to concentrate on how humans have adapted to deal with the existence of vampires, and how vampires have started to have an effect on humans.

Of course, if you have read my stories, I’ve started becoming gritty with things (mainly because I have the mentality of a 50 year old with too much to things to think about these days T_T) and I’ve let my imagination run amok so I might end up ruining it 😦

Link to story: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7026279/1/Oh_My_Alucard


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