Manga Review: Hapi Mari

 If you have noticed, i like to change the look of my blog now and then. Anyway….hohoho, here I am with another review on a manga that will taint your poor innocent minds.

Are you sick and tired of the usual typical plotlines, ie, seeing silly little high school girls with big buggy eyes and ridiculous pouty mouths who do nothing but worry over boys with great teeth and great hair who don’t give two shits about them?????

If you are, then look no further, because I bring to you in this review, Hapi Mari by Enjouji Maki!

Dun Dun Dun Duuuun! No, it's not the tune 'Ride of the Valkyries' from Apocalypse Now, it's the Wedding March!

Hapi Mari wasn’t a manga I wanted to read at first. I was bored and decided to just click on one random title in the romance section. Hapi Mari is basically about the dysfunctional marital life between Chiwa, an office lady, and Hokuto, the seemingly cold and socially aloof president of the company she works for. What’s that you say? The concept of Office lady plus mean cold guy has been done? Well, yes, it has been done, but Hapi Mari feels terribly refreshing.

Chiwa hates men

Their marriage was a sham and Hokuto only wants to keep his power in the company while Chiwa wants to pay off her father’s debts. Her father’s business failed and the mother left, so Chiwa works as a host. Before you yawn and go ‘Oh no not another Ouran High School Host Club’, you only see Chiwa as a host for roughly two manga panels before

Hokuto proposes they get married. She dumps the job (as any normal person would do – oh wait, no, she got fired, sorry. But she’s never seen working at another host club so she must’ve turned over a new leaf. Hurray!). Anyway, the reason Chiwa was picked was because Hokuto’s grandpa knew her gran, who looked after him for some while (or summthing like that), and he wanted to repay the favour. At the same time, Chiwa could still work for the company and work off her father’s debts.

Well…Chiwa measures the odds… it seems ok, no strings attached… no compromises really, and Hokuto seems ok with it. Speaking about Hokuto… he seems sensible (or so she thought) so the two agree to the marriage. Then the problems come; Chiwa realises Hokuto is this giant tsundere. He’s hot as hell, but still acts like a big pompous ass to her half of the time.

The weird thing is that Chiwa sort of falls in love with him right from Chapter 2 or 3, which I find a little quick for a romance but hell it’s manga. Anything goes in manga and it’s acceptable. So, ahem, going on with the review – Chiwa realises Hokuto is this way because he has always been alone and he barely knew his own mother, but despite that, Hokuto slowly realises he loffs her too as they go through shit together like having to go to this family gathering where his cousins all start hating on him because he’s – gasp shock horror – an illegitimate child.

Chiwa tries to kiss Hokuto. Busted!

Unfortunately, I’ve only read up to Chapters 13-14. For so little, a lot goes on in every one. Unlike most manga heroines of shoujo, Chiwa is not a whiny little git and is reasonable, selfless and logical. She actually thinks ahead of things and think through.

Hokuto is a bit of a turd nearer the start, but as you read on, you realise he is actually quite the giant softie but too stubborn to show it. He is also husband material.

My god. After you read this, you will seriously wish your future husband, should be like Hokuto (but only when he’s nice!).


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