The Bad Girl MV Rant – dancing like cavemen who discovered fire

Finally, a post about K-pop but it turns out like this.

I am not happy.

I have always been a fan of SNSD, or Girls Generation, but their new recently released MV for their Japanese song ‘Bad Girl’ has me going WTFWTGKSKDSKDSJAKDJ’ partially because of the dance.


 It’s the most awful dance ever. SNSD always have dances to go with most of their songs, like Gee, Oh, Genie and Hoot and Mr Taxi. But Bad Girl…. URGH. Throwing your arms around like a madman is dancing??? There’s even a flamingo move when they poke at the air with their hands. WHAT? Surely someone should’ve went NO (ie, their manager) and put their foot down. But it’s here, and released. And some moves are familiar (Run Devil Run?) so I’m guessing whoever did the choreography for those poor girls and this song which HAS NOW BEEN RUINED BECAUSE OF THAT EFFING DANCE is that hideous woman who also did the Run Devil Run choreography.

While I can still stomach Run Devil Run, the Bad Girl dance is UNFORGIVABLE. Run Devil Run woman, you have made yourself a formidable enemy. Stop ruining SNSD’s career with your awful has-been dance moves!!!! D:<


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