Anime Review: Tonde Buurin

Oh look a flying bum. No it's actually part of Buurin power, in Buurin universe. it's a peach if you squint

Tonde Buurin, aka ‘Super Boink’ in some countries. Like WTH?? Why Super Boink??? Yeah, I know too. Laugh all you want, but it was my favourite childhood anime, along with Chibi Maruko-chan. Anyway, it’s about Karin, a girl who helps this helpless ‘pig’ one day in the streets on her way to school only to find out that he’s this mysterious holder of ‘Buurin’ power, enabling her to transform into a super flying pig called Buurin who’s supposed to help mankind.

Karin laughs at someone's expense.

Sounds daft? Not really when you’re 8 years old or younger. Anymore older and you might want to go to a doctor. No not really, anyone can enjoy this anime, of course.

 So Karin gets her own ideas in which if she transforms into Buurin and does good deeds, she’ll earn these pearls at the end of the day as a reward and if she gets enough, she’ll be able to transform into whatever she wants – and she chooses that she wants to be like her legendary idol, some UltraWOman-like magical girl hero with this bunny headpiece. Again, sounds daft? Well, I heard it was a parody of magical girl anime like Sailor Moon or Tokyo Mew Mew or whatever shoujo anime is out these days but when I watched it I didn’t think that at all and like most anime, it was an enjoyable watch the entire way.

Karin chillin' with her frendz

 Anywayz my history with Tonde Buurin stems when I wasabout 8 or 9 years old so it’s pretty nostalgic and one of the best anime I’ve ever watched. Of course now that I’ve seen it properly, I find it rushed and some parts just don’t make sense :O It also follows a typical sequence for most of its 40+ episodes – Karin gets into this nitpicky situation, falls out with her friends because of said nitpicky situation, then transforms into Buurin and – wait for it….here it comes…. SAVE THE DAYYYYY! :DDD

Yes that is a flying pig. And you thought you've seen it all

Then the credits roll. And we have this ending song that lasts for like, 5 minutes. Why are Japanese songs so long? However, I could tell they have cut it down since I watched Hakuouki the anime, Kuroshitsuji and Darker than Black. Most songs only last to their chorus and then stops before it starts onto the second verse.

More thoughts – Karin is a likable protagonist with some bad quirks; for example, she crushes on this guy (forgot his name) who doesn’t give shiet about her but Karin’s still determined to win his affections even though there was this other girl who seemed a lot better than Karin in every way possible, ie, cooking, lookswise etc, who she thought was sort of a love rival (what? Sounds familiar?) and then there’s another guy – Takuma-senpai, a senior student who fancies her like mad after an eventful tennis match in Episode 3 (Episode 3 and we have the lurvvv!)and keeps chasing her and declaring his love but she doesn’t give a second glance towards the guy!  Dude, in real life, she should’ve accepted him or something. I mean, he was crazy for her.

Takuma-senpai LOL he just woudn't take 'No' for an answer.

And then there was this other girl in her class who was crazy for Takuma-senpai fighting with Karin on several occasions. Oh well. Relationships can be confusing! Naywayz, coupled with her paparazzi papa bent on unveiling Buurin’s secret identity, zany friends who always end up getting into mayhem and random folks in Japan who needs Buurin help, well…sometimes you do kinda wish there was a flying pig to help put out fires and fight crime. Just because.

 PS. In one episode, she got captured by ninjas. Awesome! And she has silly friends.

Dude, stop stargazing, your tent's on fire!!!


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