Anime Review: Innocent Venus

Innocent Venus

It showed on a UK channel, something along the lines like the horrendously named Syfy for about a few days before said channel mysteriously vanished from satellite TV along with its two presenters. This also concerns the Anime network, a UK TV channel that showed brilliant shows like Wolf’s Rain, Bleach, Cowboy Bepop… before showing GI Joe and Cowboy Bepop for about a week before mysteriously vanishing. What gives, fools? There are anime/manga fans in UK – like me! Sheesh. But… oh well -sigh- Alongside the broadcasting of Innocent Venus on that TV channel was Pani Poni Dash and other unfamiliar anime I can’t remember because it was long ago.

I managed to find it again online and realised it was only 12 episodes long; it’s about two fugitives (Joe and Gin) and this little moe girl called Sana. The year is 20XX in the future andJapanhas been split into two populace because of a world war in the future that tore the world apart – basically the richer people live in one section where the grass is greener whereas the poor live in slums and ghettos.

Screenshot that doesn't make sense #1

Food supplies are so scare that people eat stuff like expired food and frogs which is practically a blessing from god. But that’s not really the main point here, the main point are Joe and Gin are two government rebels who ‘kidnap’ Sana – they take her with them on their defiant journey against the government, and take along with them these two mecha robot suits.

Screenshot that doesn't make sense #2 But as you can tell, I am Joe-biased

 It’s pretty political – although I thought Code Geass was far more political – and sitting through this anime made me realise just how uninterested I actually was in the mecha-genre that I got bored and tired of the plot because it was rather weak and easily forgettable – and I ended up forgetting what the whole thing was about that I spent the last few episodes absorbed in watching them shooting at each other in their fighting robots and when the bad guys were finally pushing up daisies, the whole political ordeal was sorted. Anyway, nothing really stood out, and along with its rather dreadful English voice-dubbing for all of the characters, truly made this anime an easily forgettable hit and miss.

UPDATE 12th October 2011 – My blog stats showed that people were wanting to find pictures of Jo smiling, so here is a picture, of Jo smiling.

Jo(e) smiles at the very end of the anime


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