Manga Review: B. O. D. Y


Yet again another suggestive title for a shoujo manga but it actually doesn’t mean much or have any dirty-dirty teehee meaning behind it and definetely, so far, no nudity or any explicit material involved because it’s just about two teenagers and skool life; a girl finds out a dorky guy in her class is actually working as a host in the evening (said dorky guy takes off his glasses and suddenly he’s a totally different person O_O) and that’s not really allowed or socially acceptable in Japan even though the job gives him big bucks which he sorely needs so he ends up blackmailing her and threatening her and she’s like ‘Back off!’ and then he ends up telling her that he’s gonna make her fall in love with him and stuff and then they actually fall in love.

It’s one of those book titles where you have to read behind magazines because people will get the coughcoughWRONGcoughcough message.


I find it a guilty pleasure and something that made me squeal at some point and for once, it will make you actually wish you had a manga boyfriend despite the zany plot and some off-moments exploring girl’s insecurities about their boyfriends/guys they like at school and any weird jobs they may secretly have and the emotional baggage it may involve.  Over all, decent artwork and characters and good, lengthy chapters, but since I read it online, when’s the next update???!!! HMPHH!D:<



2 thoughts on “Manga Review: B. O. D. Y

  1. Tofubyu says:

    I randomly came upon this manga in intermediate having nothing else to read and I really enjoyed it except the chapters were released really slowly (maybe I’m just impatient ^^;;) so I kinda gave up on it..
    Has it ended yet though?

    • Fish and Chips says:

      I think it might have ended, but no-one has translated it yet so I’m still stuck at volume 5 or something. I can’t really remember because I haven’t checked it out yet since I wrote this review ^__^””

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