Manga Review: Gakuen Ouji

This is featured in my other blog with my friend K but I thought I should post it up here too ^^ Maybe you have heard of this title, maybe you haven’t – if you are interested, go check it out 😀

Gakuen Ouji

 Literally ‘School Prince’. Aside from having pretty artwork of girls and very good funny bits, I wondered why all the guys in this high school manga have huge, phat, veiny necks and equally phat bottom lipglossy-looking, pouty lips and eyes like dead fishes.

The whole idea and plot of the manga is FEMALE EMPOWERMENT where the girls of this crazy high school manga call the shots and the male student either humour them or become their…erm… slaves -cough-. Throw in some hormonally conflicted teenagers – ie, a geeky glasses girl called Okitsu Rise who’s always being bullied, and a newbie male student Mizutani Azusa who doesn’t know squat about the school’s girl-power system and a group of the most popular male students – and we have this convoluted plot of Master n Slave and an aspiring love triangle. Aside from that… it just gets plain weird after the third volume O_O

Mizutani tries to get Okitsu to smile :DDD


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