I think I have an Unhealthy Obsession

So recently I’ve been drawing a lot of anime doods (because I can only seem to draw guys T_T) and then if it turns out good, I post it up on deviantart and I’ve been submitting them to groups and stuff and I’ve even written a short journal entry on my profile page. I think I’m becoming a bit obsessed. With deviantart, I mean. I keep going to the site. I’ve come to the stage where the first internet explorer page I go to is not my MSN, my NEMO university account or my fanfiction page or even my blog. It’s deviantart. I’ve also logged on so I’m logged on there apparently ‘forever’. I’m a lurker. I look around people’s art and rifle through. I like looking up tutorials and browsing the forums. There’s something about it that calls… beckons… @_@

Lo and behold, my recent deviantart work. Check out my awesome colouring skillz... NOT! The guy on the right looks slightly diseased 😦

……Is this what deviantart does to you? Or is it just me? Is this an unhealthy obsession????? Is it a phase? Will it ever go away? And why am I asking questions people will probably never answer because no-one reads this blog?????? Eeks.


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