WTF! Even people in my dreams are mean to me!!??

There was a time in my life when I felt that people were mean to me for no reason. Well, recently, it started again, but in my dreams(!!!???). Anyway…. I had this weird dream where I had to give back this item in a shop, and the cashier was probably really angry or whatever but she swore at me! @_______@ (LMAO really)

Then, I remember people in the queue behind me told me I could go report her so I took her name down from her namebadge and it was something ‘Koocoogibahkan’ or something along those lines (it was!) and I left the shop before I walked past this big roup of NEDs who yelled something really rude at me! @___@!! It just kept on coming, really. So anyway I yelled back at them and I thought I was really in for it this time until I woke up, feeling slightly disoriented and creeped out.

So yeah….Only one word to sum this up: WEIRD!!!


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