Hakuouki and Wand of Fortune Photobucket Gallery up!

I have a lot of pictures in my computer so I thought as I might as well post them up on the net and link it here! So here is my Hakuouki photobucket gallery – Hakuouki is an anime/manga/otome game. It’s about the Shinsengumi but although I am a sucker for historical romances, it doesn’t seem to appeal to me much.

Link below:


My favourite is Kazama <3333

Wand of Fortune is kinda like the girl’s version of Harry Potter. It is an otome game where you play as LuLu, an aspiring witch who goes to this magic academy and like all otome games, there’s a bunch of wizard guys you can end up with when you play through their route.

Link to gallery below:


There's also a sequel and a fandisk, I think



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