Cosmopolitan Girl KHR Style fanart!!!

My very first fanart came from MochaLuLu, and then another pic came from Top Top-chan! OMG so happy… MochaLuLu drew Rin and Yura for me and put it up on Deviantart. And her pictures are WONDERFUL! Top Top drew Ruby for me… it’s so adorable <333 :DDDDDDDD If anyone else would like to draw any of my characters, I will love you forever <3333

By MochaLuLu:

Rin vs. Yura

 Also by MochaLuLu:

Note: Rin’s t-shirt

By Top Top-chan:


Ruby is an upcoming OC in Cosmo G. She was meant to feature in a roleplay. There is a different Ruby in my Hellsing fic

By me (LOL because I didn’t know where to put it)

He's the guy in the picture that was on the post called 'Cosmo G The Manga?' xDD


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