Scared Rider Xechs photobucket gallery finally up!

I managed to upload all the pictures I could find of Scared Rider Xechs. I looked everywhere on the internet for them and if anyone would like to add, don’t hesitate to tell me! Link to the photo gallery is below :DD



14 thoughts on “Scared Rider Xechs photobucket gallery finally up!

  1. yuuki says:

    I just found this entry and I swear I love you right now XDDD
    I can’t believe I found someone who likes SRX and did all this work!! *w*
    The gallery is awesome ^^ you found pretty nice pics, even from the “Stardust Lovers” game

    I was wondering if you’d let me use the link to the gallery (of course I’d credit you =3) in the SRX livejournal community? And if you had a livejounal account?
    We are really few and are always looking for more people to join so the comm will enlarge ^^
    There’s very few post on it, but you’re welcome to visit it ^^
    Thank you!

      • yuuki says:

        Please, thanks for replying ^^ (and I’m sorry my reply is so late =_=||)
        Really??!! My, thank you!!! >w<
        Pity D= but you're welcome of course!!!!!!!
        Please visit us anytime you like ^^
        I need to upload new things to the page, it's pretty much death =_=|| tomorrow I'll upload the link though!! *it's really late where I live*

        Anyway, sorry for the rambling and thank you again!!!!!!!!

      • yuuki says:

        couldn’t post it, I lack time lately =_=||

        you created an account?? fishandchips4?? =3
        if that’s you (I’m pretty sure it’s you but it’s good to ask =P) then I’ll credit you with that account too ^^
        I’ll post the link now =3 or you can do it if you want to ^^ (tell me and I’ll erase the entry so you can do it =3)

  2. yuuki says:

    You can’t get it back?! T^T
    we’ll miss you around lj D=
    oh my… I love you >//////////////w<

    downloading it *w*
    would you let me add it to the comm? of course crediting you and explaining what happen to your account D=

  3. yuukichaan says:

    ^^ I hope so, I just suck at blogs =_=||
    not at all! I didn’t have time T^T but I been reading your entries ^w^
    awesome your trip to Hong Kong, despite everything ^^|| and I want to play that arcana famiglia game because of you now ¬¬
    anyway, just botherig you around here =3

    • Fish and Chips says:

      LOL nooooo I’m sure I suck more at blogging TT_TT I honestly just put up whatever. Maybe I am boring ppl! and I don’t think anyone reads this thing anyway >_> yeah, I’m not really into SRX anymore. It’s prolly because I’ve never even played it before =_= I tried looking for stuff in Hong kong about otome games and SRX but they had nothing! So disappointed…

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