Revelation of the Last Hero… the one that never made it :(

This is a post dedicated to my non-existent story that was meant to be a spinoff story of COATH.

It was called ‘Revelation of the Last Hero’, or ROTLH…. Which is completely ironic because the ‘Hero’ is a young girl called Lucerne, who, after childhood years of bitter rivalry against her twin sister and obvious favouritism in a dysfunctional family, eventually is driven to madness and commits a heinous act against her twin (attempted murder O_O!), and the overwhelming guilt she feels afterwards… eventually forces her to punish herself for it, not by repenting but by….

….completely erasing the event from her mind, replacing her turbulent past with fake, ‘happy’ memories, and continues on with her life working for the Millefiore.

It just goes to show that in this world, not everyone is ‘good’ and a ‘hero’ and owns up to what they have done. Of course, since this is a KHR fic, it’s KHR related. And yeah, Lucerne was this complete psychopath. Oh, and she was a Cervello –

But she was said to have black hair and brown eyes underneath the Cervello exterior, and she is paired up with the beloved, lanky and awkward-with-girls mechanic called Spanner who works for the mafia Millefiore family.Lucerne, living her life violence-free and still with Lucille on her mind.

Anyway, since Lucerne and Lucille have sadly been orphaned (TT_TT), they will instead be given a ‘cameo’ role in Cosmo G ^_^

Soooo, unfortunately, the story only went up to four chapters and I couldn’t seem to write anymore. It didn’t flow, or occur to me as fluidly as my other stories do, so I knew it just wouldn’t work out.  I came up with the plot but thinking about events and what will happen is really easier than writing it all down.

Yeah, so, it didn’t work. I then decided I’d had enough of writing dark psychological stuff and concentrate on romance and humour because I enjoy writing stuff where I can giggle at the same time.

So here is the plot of ROTLH (it’s a long post)….

Okay, so the first chapter introduces an unnamed female dying in Spanner’s arm who turns out to be a Cervello. She has been shot in the chest by an unknown assailant and seems to be an ally of the Vongola.

She thinks back to how she met them all and the events that have led her to become shot in the first place.

Chapters 2-3 had Spanner accidentally meeting a young woman in a shower one morning. This young woman happened to be the Cervello (the OC, the narrator, the Millefiore vandal), who is named Lucerne. Later on, she becomes his assistant because she keeps causing problems to Irie Shouichi, ie, she is the one who keeps vandalising about how much the ‘Millefiore Sucks’. Chapter 4 further introduces someone called Lucille into the story.

Lucille is actually Lucerne’s twin sister who seems to have gone missing, leaving behind a book, called ‘The Code of Lucille’ which Lucerne worships as a way of coping with her Cervello life. Lucerne discovers that she really misses her. And then, one day, someone copiesLucerne, but vandalises using her name, as in, the name ‘Lucerne’ was scribbled on the wall.Lucerneknows that no-one else knows her name because of Cervello discretion, so she thinks Lucille had come back, but she doesn’t remember where Lucille is or why her name was scribbled on the walls anyway. Later on in her search, Lucerne also meets another new Cervello (so there are now 4 Cervello in Melone in total – there isLucerne, the twins who follow Irie Shouchi around, and the newbie).

Anyway, the Cervello and Spanner obviously share some moments and he realises that she’s a lot individual than others. She’s more talkative, outrageous and less-secretive. However, Spanner inevitably finds out she’s the one who’s been doing all those vandalising (which he has to clean up, aww) and she kinda gets a bit loopy after the confrontation, and runs away from him even when he also tries to confront her about the truth about Lucille.

She goes to Heidern (who knows her name because he’s the Co-ordinator, like the boss of Cervello at the Melone Base, that sort of thing), and demands him to tell her where Lucille is, but he says Lucille is gone after the ‘accident’. Lucernedoesn’t remember any accident that happened to Lucille; she just knows that Lucille is simply…’gone’, so she goes to therapy in an attempt to regain her lost memories. She finds out that she actually killed her sister and that she never had a good relationship with Lucille at all, as much as she thought she did. Lucille didn’t teach her the Code either.

Scared, angry and confused, Lucernere meets that newbie Cervello – only to realise it was that Cervello who knew her name, and had been ‘copying’ her. It also turns out that the newbie Cervello is TYL Kiriyuu who disguised herself and becauseLucerne’s file was stolen by the Vongola (as written at the end of COATH), TYL Kiriyuu knows Lucerne’s name. to simply put, it was a stroke of dumb luck and now Lucerne’s problems begin to get worse.

TYL Kiriyuu has also hacked into Irie’s files (reasons still unknown) and accidentally tripped security – and since Lucerne was the only one who has ever met and interacted with this TYL Kiriyuu disguised as a Cervello in person, everyone thinks TYL Kiriyuu/Cervello is Lucerne because they looked exactly the same in Cervello guise, and this is how Lucerne was framed and became a ‘traitor’ within the Millefiore.

She runs, after TYL Kiriyuu steals the files from Irie Shouichi’s computer, and unwillingly allies with TYL Kiriyuu in her escape, reinforcing her treachery to Cervello AND the Millefiore. Lucerne goes back to Spanner, only to discover that he had been secretly developing the X Gloves in the Inventory Room (I hinted that there was something wrong at the end of that previous chapter), and feeling betrayed, she steals some of his research without his consent, TYL Kiriyuu also gives her Irie’s files before vanishing somewhere in a fight to the death with pursuing Millefiore members.

Lucerne escapes via the flumes and comes out in Namimori canal, where she re-meets a TYB Kiriyuu and TYL Hibari, who is fighting Gamma (this is where COATH left off).

Anyway, Lucerne is caught and interrogated by the Vongola who believe her to be a spy, but then they discover she’s not much of a threat and she slowly begins to live with the Vongola. She finds out that she and her twin sister Lucille belonged to a family where Lucille was the favoured twin, and Lucerne did all sorts of violent things to get their attention, but she just got into more trouble and started to eventually hate her sister. She did not understand why someone who looked just like her, could be loved more than she could be, especially by their own parents.

During their dysfunctional childhood, Lucille wrote all the things Lucerne did in her journal.

Before long, the parents die and they are adopted into the Gesso, just when the Gesso and Giglio Nero amalgamate. Lucille was going to become a Cervello.Lucernewas meant to go into a White Spell squad instead because her personality was now more desired than Lucille’s, but Lucille swaps it around so Lucerne becomes the Cervello. When Lucerne finds out what had happened, she angrily assaults her sister (yeah, I know, this is weird and I still don’t know how Lucille will manage to swap their identities around).

Afterwards, Lucerne still shows some humanity and feels guilty; she doesn’t know what has happened to her sister and convinces herself she’s killed her because of her rather (ahem) psychopathic nature. She becomes deluded and withdraws into a state of denial, where she relays to the psychologist false hallucinations and delusions where she is born into a loving family and Lucille took care of her and treated her nicely. Lucerne, as a Cervello, is transferred to Melone, with Lucille’s journal which outline Lucerne’s actions, but as an omniscient character.

Lucerne takes this the wrong way and thinks Lucille wrote a ‘Code’ and began to think highly of it, which brings us to the start of the story.

So basically, Lucerne is pretty much mentally screwed up at the start of the story. Her Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders means that she will occasionally have fits of violent outbursts and she will begin to regain her true childhood memories.

In reality, she hated her twin sister and her family and she’s not a nice person. She was jealous, violent, inconsiderate and selfish. However, with her ‘deluded’ self, she is nice, caring, and she even ends up becoming almost sister-like to Kiriyuu (argh I had so much stuff planned for them when Lucerne meets the Vongola but it never came to be…….) and she even goes with the Vongola to the raid where she accompanies Tsuna against the showdown with Gola Mosca and gets caught by the Cervello twins who are out to punish her for going against the Code.

She is saved by Spanner and brought to his block, along with Tsuna. He forgives her and finally finds out her name and what she really looks like (Lucerne has black hair and brown eyes). She realises she really likes Spanner and that he had turned her into a different person. Lucerne knows she cannot abandon her past, but Spanner says he wanted to start a new life with her. Lucerne tells him she doesn’t know if she can ever forgive herself, or why he would even want to go with her. Spanner says he met thisLucerne, and not murderous, jealous Lucerne. Then, he asks her if she would ever want to go out on a date one day with a nerd like him. She agrees and they reconcile. Lucerne begins to look forward in rebuilding her broken life.

Eventually, Lucerne gets caught again, and finds out that Lucille is very much alive and out for retribution. We find out that either a) Lucille swapped their roles around because she did not want Lucerneto become a White Spell for reasons not to turn her further into a bloodthirsty monster, or b) Lucille inevitably became jealous of Lucerne and didn’t think it was fair when Lucerne finally got attention.

The story doesn’t stop there – When everyone wakes up in that round machine, TYB Kiriyuu is gone and Lucerne thinks Kiriyuu was taken by Lucille. At the Underground base, Lucerne lives life with Spanner and they prepare for the date even though the Choice battle looms overhead, and Kiriyuu’s disappearance is still worrying for some (ie, Hibari).

Finally, Lucerne contacts Lucille and demands Kiriyuu back. They have a ‘showdown’ and Lucille kills Lucerne with a single bullet to the chest. Lucille further discloses that she did a good thing, killing Lucerne, because Lucerne was slowly reverting back to her old self once she realised who she truly was and that no matter what she said, Lucerne would not change no matter what. She says that she is actually saving Lucerne from herself and the others and that the sister bond she has towards Kiriyuu is a lie. A dream. In fact, Lucerne’s present state is a ‘dream’ (ie, the delusion, which is true), and that the realLucerneis ‘dreaming’ another story of herself, where she was the ‘Hero’. In reality, Lucerne would never be able to live with herself and what she had done in the past.

However, Lucerne says that her feelings for Spanner were true and she really wanted to start a life with him. Lucille says she will only harm him. And before she leaves, she reassures that Lucerne’s suffering has finally ended.

Kiriyuu’s location is given and Lucerne is discovered. Kiriyuu is saved but Lucerne dies from too much blood loss because she was discovered too late.

In the end, Kiriyuu takes over narration. Before she returns to the past, she goes to find Spanner and discovers that he’d kept reduced molecules ofLucerne’s body as a means to preserve her and that he has now dedicated to research on ways to resurrect her. However, Kiriyuu informs him of her plans when she returns to the past – and that is to stop Lucerne’s bad childhood from happening and her loyalty to the Gesso…

… which will bring us to the final and third story of the COATH trilogy (or, was supposed to, sorry).


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