Thoughts about the Blog… Whoops! I mean Tekken 6

First things first — I’m not as grumpy as I thought I was! ^___^ I should probably change my blog name. Maybe something like ‘Writing because I’m BOREDDDD’ or ‘Writing because there are some people out there who actually read my ramblings <333’

Aside from that, I’m still pretty new to this site, I mean… learning how to post tags took quite some time for me o_O and WordPress keeps telling me one of my top searches are Tekken 6/Jin Kazama. Maybe that’s why the blog’s getting more hits/views than usual; people are googling or yahoo-ing or bing-ing Tekken in the search box, wanting and looking for more info about Jin Kazama but here they find a post about some fanfic based off a magazine title, and some OC based off the guy. Imagine their disappointment! >_>

Hmm, I guess I do not want to disappoint so I suppose I’ll write some stuff about Tekken 6. I have a Playstation 3 so I go all gungho on Tekken using triangle and X button. I don’t want to get caught up in the whole PS3 vs Xbox 360 thing because I don’t mind either console and don’t see any reason why there’s conflict about it (besides I don’t have an Xbox anyway).

Anyhoo, going back to the topic – my fav character is Lilli. It’s kinda fun spamming her attacks. And the panda… the kangaroo. And Asuka, Zafina…  Julia, too.Yeah, they’re awesome. I’m not a hardcore gamer so I never really did learn how to combo properly or anything so guess Ima what you call a NO0b. I loved Lars mainly because of his outfit #_# Alisa’s great but I found her a bit difficult to control even though it was fun using her head as a bomb and being able to knee people in the faces whenever she kinda flew forward on her… jetpack…thingies…you know, it… comes out from her back… er… okay, moving on now!

For some reason, I just can’t beat the boss. That goddamn ******* Azazel. He pwns me, man. He keeps kicking my bee-hind and my cousin’s bee-hind, and my uncle beehind, and ma friend’s bee-hinds, too (or are we that lamerz at the game???? T_T) with its cheap tail-swishing antics and curling-into-a-ball-steamroller-like move. I mean, who the feck thought it was smart to infuse a boss with Stupid SNK Boss Syndrome!??!!! It’s so bloody annoying to fight I just gave up but managed to stop myself from hurtling the game controller out of the window!!!!

Since I’m on a video game rant here, I might as well continue – If you don’t know what SNK Boss Syndrome is, it’s when bosses are too hard to beat… Like Magaki from KOF XII…. Azazel (Damn you Azazel!). Google it up and you’ll probably find it linking to King of Fighters or Fatal Fury. Yeah, King of Fighter’s been around for a loooooong time.

It has awesome characters like Iori Yagami, Kyo Kusanagi and K’ (pronounced Kay Dash. How cool is that?!). It’s insanely popular in Japan, I think, with its huge amount of cosplayers, spin off games and the amount of 4 strip comic panels. Unfortunately it feels largely overshadowed by Street Fighter and Tekken in the UK.


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