More Manga Studio Shenanigans

I’m taking a break from 24/7 note-taking for my exams at the moment and I figured I got enough time to post up my creations so far. So here’s a post that might make you LOL .

  <– K, if you’re reading this and wondering who the heck is Haku, it’s this guy here. It’s…well, okay, that’s not really a manga studio-edited pic, but I had this on Haku’s character concept that’s up on deviantart, except I only needed his head and cut out his body but here’s the real deal. His hair took sjdsdjjfdfkd ages! @_@

And if you looky here to the right, we have one of the ‘manga panels’ I was going on about in a previous post. it’s a big spoiler for my fanfic, but it’s been hiatus for a long time and I’ve left people suffering for it, so anyone here from will get a pleasantly nice and/or bad suprise (???)

When Rin finds out Haku is the bad dood


Yet again, another manga-panel pic (see below) following roughly the same format because I was a bit stuck but I threw in some more pizzazz combined with flashy backgrounds. Haku’s appearence changes once more TT__TT His hair is slightly shorter and it’s brushed the wrong way. I tried flipping it on Photoshop but it looked a bit strange. In fact, I just realised Haku’s appearence has at least changed 3-4 times. Poor Haku. I torture him with my inconsistent drawing capabilities.

Heres another pic ( failed attempt at colouring, actually) of a new character who will be coming very soon in Cosmo G –>

Look familiar? Its the guy from Portrait of a Deceptive Man!


So there we have it! What I do when I’m bored/free/feeling slightly creative ^_^””


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