J and K Review the Day

I started a new blog with my friend ^____^ The idea came to us one day when we just decided to meet up and have a coffee and walk around and stuff in town! Ahhh ~ the power of coffee is simply amazing. Anywayz, I’m not sure if I will be able to abide by deadlines and stuff and have posts up according to our dedicated schedule because of my exams and stuff… and well, i’ve only been updating on this blog at least once a month, too.

I’ll try and update more but I’ll have J and K Review the Day to think about, too. Basically it’s just a blog where my friend and I (my friend is K. I am J) will be doing reviews of….well, anything. I’ll be doing anime and manga and books and films (hopefully), and K will be reviewing coffee shops and albums

I’ll have it linked to the blog so anyone can check it out ^_^


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