Cosmo G: KHR Style… the manga?

So I bought a software called Manga Studio the other day because I was curious and I think PS3 or 4 or whatever model is out is waaaaay too expensive for a poor person like me, so I thought THRIFTY and got MS instead. It’s actually not too bad. I’ve not started doing panels or anything, and I’m still trying to master the art of NO-SHAKY-INKING. My tablet pen nib is already wearing thin o__O

Anyway, I scanned a few of my pics that could become manga-able (LOL) and then looked up tutorials online to do toning and stuff and adding speech bubbles, so I took one of my pictures and this is what I got:

More EXTREME hair. He's not Haku, despite the resemblance *_*

It actually turned out pretty good @_@ Hmmm, I thought about making Cosmo G into a manga. I dunno why, guess I like drawing a bit too much, even though I’m still pretty lame on expressions, hands and anatomy (why do you think I only draw smiling or frowning people, and why do you think I never draw hands?? Or, if I have no choice to, I spend at least half an hour on it). -sigh- And drawing manga is difficult. People think it’s like ‘Oh it’s just a cartoon’, but it’s not just a cartoon. There’s so much more to manga and anime that people don’t realise. Especially in the UK, where I am living at the moment. It’s kinda depressing.

Oh well, I guess I’ll see how it goes, about Cosmo G, and stuff. Maybe I’ll start doing manga panels only…?


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