The Scary Dream

 A few days ago, I had a scary dream in the middle of the night. I dreamt that I was sleeping in my room, and then, something came into my room. It pinned me down and tried to drag me out of bed and down the stairs. It could speak and it said its name was ‘Phlegm’ or something. Before anything else could happen, I jolted awake and saw nothing there. Anyway, the creepy thing was that I was sleeping exactly in the same position as I was in my dream, which is why I woke up, puzzled and perplexed, wondering if it was actually a dream or if something really did try to drag me out of bed.

So I told my sister and my dad about it in the morning and they were pretty freaked out. When they asked me what it looked like, I told them it looked a bit like a cheese string.

…That’s because it did! 😦



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