Cosmopolitan Girl: KHR Style

I bet most of you are from I’ve got this blog as my homepage, after all. Anyhoo, Cosmopolitan Girl Katekyo Hitman Reborn Style is the third story of my Cosmopolitan Girl series. They are indeed named after the magazine your mum or aunt probably reads.

I’ve written 2 Cosmo G stories for Yu-Gi-Oh and Beyblade. Both are cringe-worthy with annoying, irritating, selfish main characters and I hate them. I hope Cosmo G KHR Style turns out better.

The main character is an OC – Rin Kazama, who is actually based off Jin Kazama from Tekken. No, she’s not a beefpot who has a devil gene running through her, but her name is ‘sculpted’ after him. I told Raven T this before but I think I’ll write it here, too.

Basically, I’ve made Rin into someone who has no choice but to tolerate things and let people walk over her. She’s not smart and she is looked down upon by her classmates and doesn’t have a real friend. She’s also been embarrassed, bullied, humiliated, insulted and scorned. Why? Not because Cosmo G KHR Style is to point and laugh at Rin, but because Rin represents a stage in people’s lives where these things do happen in real life and it forces you to mature as you can’t afford to let it keep you down and stop your way of life.

Original Rin. Ignore her antelope legs :O

Jin Kazama. Just look at those pecs!

Rin’s a strange character; I find her ‘well-balanced’ compared to other OCs I’ve made. She’s not that crazy – probably more outrageous? So far, the most outrageous things she’s done is losing a bet to Hibari and having to run around the woods naked, and also getting caught by the Head Prefect eating things off the floor. Despite all that, she’s also a bit more mature and thoughtful, although she can be self-righteous and a bit naive. So far, she has a few outbursts of sudden Mary Sue-ness but I guess that can’t be helped.

Her original picture also had her hair tied up and wielding katars. Take my word for it, Rin doesn’t fight much.

There’s nothing really much I can add here about Rin because it’s on hiatus at the moment and I’m still thinking about plot bunnies.

Concentrate on university, Fish and Chips!!


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