Confessions of a Teenage Hitman

So the Muse Bunny site is shutting down…. I have no other place for my rants so WordPress will have to do.

It’s been a couple of years since I finished this (1 or 2? I can’t remember), but this isn’t really an author’s note, it’s going to be short trivia stuff because I received many questions from people about characters and people got confused nearer the end and instead of answering to everyone individually, I thought I’d write this so it will answer everyone’s questions (hopefully).

It was up on my journal, but the site is closing down and there’s nowhere else so I thought I might as well post it up here. So, yeah, this was written right after COATH (Confessions of a Teenage Hitman mnemonics) was finished back in 2008-09. Also, someone asked if this story is Hibari x Tsuna because I listed them as the main characters. I just want to clarify that the summary of this story says it’s a Hibari OC so it is a Hibari x OC with no 1827 and I put Hibari and Tsuna as the characters because they are the characters in this fic; it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the pairing of this story.

I would like to note that since I’m writing another Hibari x OC fic with a different OC, I feel as though I have improved (to a small extent haha), so I am aware of the many flaws of COATH. I kinda cringe at some chapters and there’s some I drastically avoid!


1. Ottuso Kiriyuu, the Unfotunate One

2. Hibari and his Raging Hormones

3. M

4. No COATH sequel ):

5. Just for fun


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