5. Just for fun :)

To imagine this, you need to have played:


And also


Anyway, so I was bored and blew the dust off my Sims PC game and began mucking around.

I created a sim that seemingly resembled Mukuro. Deciding to take things further, I made another Sim; she had curly ginger hair and green eyes, and somehow I ended up naming her Ottuso Kiriyuu. I even made her an Aries to match her apparent birth date. To make things fun, I made a Hibari Sim and placed them together as roomies.

I motherloded them and built them a house resembling Hibari’s residence as described in COATH. The results were hilarious as the seasons went by; the Kiriyuu sim developed a crush on the Hibari sim first when she asked him to a game of Play Water Balloon Fight, and soon, her aspirations turned from ‘Eat Grilled Cheese Sandwich’ to always admire the Hibari sim, ranging from giving backrubs to even playing chess or video games with him. However, the Hibari sim would always decline the backrubs or would triumph over the Kiriyuu sim on the game console. Poor Kiriyuu sim.

Deciding to throw a House party one day via phone, I invited M sim as one of the guests (who Kiriyuu does not get on well with). However, the M sim gets on well with Hibari. I also invited Yamamoto sim, Tsuna sim, Gokudera sim and Ryohei sim. Mukuro sim flirted with Kiriyuu sim when they were watching The Yummy Channel on TV and I saw an interesting response; Hibari sim got jealous and got into a fight with the Mukuro sim. I supposed the Hibari sim had finally succumbed to the Kiriyuu sim; he then rushed over to her, grabbed her, and kissed her.

They both become inevitably lovers and got engaged (Kiriyuu sim had to propose, unfortunately) and both began to officially live together. They went on a date to Botanical Dining Restaurant, played Darts, and ate Lobster Thermidor (which Kiriyuu had to pay). Kiriyuu took an interest in fishing and gardening and received a gold badge for each personal hobby. Hibari became withdrawn into books and spent his time in the garage working out. They raised three dogs and one cat, and Hibari became a mad scientist, then got turned into a vampire because of his late night partying (ahem – sorry, mafia ‘business’), whilst Kiriyuu reached the top of the athletic career and opened her own bakery store.

For you kiddies out there, I will tell you this in a child-friendly way – they then decided it was best to have an heir to carry on the Ottuso Bakery legacy and went to woohoo, or ‘Try for Baby’ – and the next morning, Hibari went out to pay the bills while Kiriyuu went to take a bath.

But then – Disaster struck immediately! Kiriyuu suddenly fainted on the bathroom floor and all the dogs were howling (I don’t know what the cat was doing; it probably was squatting on its litter box). Hibari rushed up to see the Grim Reaper, and when he opened the door, all he could see was a jar on the floor…

It turned out Kiriyuu had somehow starved to death and Hibari was too late…

The Mukuro sim then suddenly ran into the house, shoved the Hibari sim and hit him with his purse before stalking off back to his own lot, leaving Hibari to mourn (although whenever I click on him and tell him to Mourn, he yells and stamps his feet at the jar of Kiriyuu’s ashes in a tantrum). However, Hibari has not remained faithful to his late spouse – his best friend, the M sim (who has always been Kiriyuu’s sworn enemy) marries Hibari (and this time it was Hibari who proposed).

He now lives with M, with his job as a mad scientist/vampire with his three dogs and one cat, and Kiriyuu’s ghost now haunts the house. Surprisingly enough, the ghost of Kiriyuu leaves M alone, but occasionally frightens Hibari. M became a Criminal Mastermind and then worked her way to another job in the Law Enforcement area, receiving a career reward of some kind of fingerprinting gun or whatever. It’s bloody useless. She then retired to work part-time in an electronics store which sports seven floors; her work colleagues are M.M, Chikusa and Ken; her employer is ironically Mukuro.

She managed to earn enough to buy five sports cars as well as a helicopter and managed to raise one child with Hibari, before mysteriously drowning in the Hibari residence swimming pool. Her grave lies beside Kiriyuu’s.

The M sim died at night, and Hibari was at his job, so the child was taken away by social services. Hibari has now remained unmarried with two ghosts haunting his home and is still a crucial member of the Vongola Group and calls the Tsuna sim, Gokudera sim and Yamamoto sim (the group cannot exceed four members so Ryohei sim was excluded, unfortunately) around to his house from time to time for outings and parties – Sorry, mafia ‘business’.

The End.

PS. This section is just for laughs; IT’S A JOKE. Please don’t take it seriously. As I have stated before; there is no COATH sequel.


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