4. No COATH sequel

Sorry to disappoint… ):

In COATH, Kiriyuu’s ‘struggle’ successfully ended (well, for now) – she managed to overcome her predestined path of her future (let’s just call it The Path of Evil), which was = she was meant to have returned to Italy after splitting up from Hibari and ten years later, was part of the Millefiore and wiping out the Vongola. Though the reason why this TYL version of Kiriyuu, who was in fact, ‘M’, despised the Vongola is still somewhat unknown, I could pretty say it was all because of her retained memories of Kiriyuu’s past with Hibari, and the fact that they weren’t together anymore, which she couldn’t let go of. Although she demonstrated a half-conscious of guilt when she destroyed a Vongola Base, this version of TYL Kiriyuu/M died of eventual heartache and desolation.

An important to note is that back in Chapters 47-51, Kiriyuu had the chance to let M take over and walk in the path she was originally intended to. But she prevailed over her problems with the Vongola’s help as well as the reconciliation with Hibari which gradually made her return to normal and deviate her away from The Path of Evil.

The end of COATH saw Kiriyuu being exiled from the Giglio Nero for her alliance with Mukuro, being invited to join the Vongola, and eventually returning to Namimori to Hibari after rejecting an offer to train in the Varia.

Yes, I also contemplated writing a sequel. But I have lost the love for the spin-off, which I couldn’t seem to write at all and I think I prefer it if COATH remained one story only. No sequel, no spin-off. So, that’s it to Kiriyuu’s reign, unfortunately.

However, if you check back, you would notice that I have edited some bits and added more kissing scenes. I hope that satisfies you. But once again, I apologise for the discontinuance of ROTLH. Sorry…

Anyhoo, I forgot to say an ENORMOUS THANK YOU TO THE READERS AND REVIEWERS and thank you again for Kiriyuu’s number (82), and I am glad you enjoyed my story!


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