1. Ottuso Kiriyuu the Unfortunate One

The OC, Ottuso Kiriyuu (the Unfortunate One)

Here are my thoughts about Kiriyuu: Ottuso Kiriyuu can’t exactly be considered as a ‘person’ because she only features in this story and therefore does not have a distinguishable feature (even though I did some fanart o_O) that can establish her as a human, let alone someone you can really believe in or imagine, unlike canon characters.

For example, I could have written about a dog called Kiriyuu with ginger fur and green eyes who comes to Hibari’s doorstep for shelter while destroying his property with her doggie habits and eventually developing a tight owner/master/commander-dog/servant/lackey relationship. Okay, I’m sorry, I have no where I’m actually going with this – I think what I am trying to say is, Kiriyuu was the most established human character I have ever, well… established. It wasn’t just what she said that made her feel more ‘real’, it was her habits, her actions, and her reactions to her environment.

In the story, Kiriyuu changes appearances – a lot. Change is Niiiiice. It shows well that your characters have changed too, as the story goes along, either if they lose some weight, gain weight or get a nice fashionable haircut.

Nayways, according to the profile I put up at some point – which really isn’t applicable anymore – for up to Chapters 20-something, Kiriyuu initially had ginger hair and green eyes. We learn that her original hair colour was brown, but she hates brown, and it starts to show so she dyes her hair to black.

For once, the pre-production of COATH had the character of Ottuso Kiriyuu’s original name as ‘Sakazaki Iriya’, or ‘Sakazaki Iori’ and even ‘Sakazaki Reina’. Of course I kept the surname but changed the first name. She debuted as completely Japanese with no relations to the mafia; she was also the ‘loyal servant’ of Hibari Kyouya, the only girl in the Disciplinary Committee.

However, I took upon Sakazaki Iriya and tried to make the relationship more fun – what if Iriya was a hitman in disguise? Or better yet, what if she was first a hitman, then ended up becoming some kind of… servant to Hibari? Maybe she could challenge him to a fight and lose (if OC characters win over canon characters = automatic Mary Sue or Gary Stu – unless you can write so blessed-be that you get away with it. However, I am nothing like that so I couldn’t get away with it even if I wanted). Maybe that would be how Iriya became his ‘servant’. Of course I did a few first chapters and figured writing action scenes so early was typically hard for me, and that introducing Iriya as a butt-kicking, whoop-ass character was tricky to establish her as a main character who is supposed to be believable enough to the readers, so I cast that thought away.

Instead, I adapted on Iriya’s name and considered the name NOT to be appropriate for the girl character who would accompany Hibari at some point, like some kind of sidekick; she wasn’t overbearing or his equal, but rather a personality that would clash with Hibari some way or another. From good braun may come good brain. I know, I know, people say ‘choose brain or braun?’ but sometimes, you can have a bit of both.

So Iriya went Bye Bye and I went on a hunt for more potential names.

I think names are Important. I don’t think they really need to have some sort of special meaning, like Hana – which means flower or whatever, or anything else. Just keep it simple, or take two names and blend them together; that’s usually the best. Names are names; they are meant to tell people what your character is like. Just because her name means ‘flower’ doesn’t… well, it doesn’t mean much, honest. Unless she’s a…florist or something. Then that’s a…erm…strange coincidence, I guess. Anyway, it’s up to you. Here was a short list of my names:

Candidate 1. Mimiyo.
Candidate 2. Rui.
Candidate 3. Kiryuu.

I picked 3, of course, out of the others. Mimiyo sounded weird and was just corny and uber bad taste. I thought Rui didn’t fit well into the image of my wanted OC because it felt too mature and ‘sophisticated’. And ‘Kiryu’ or ‘Kiryuu’ is a Japanese surname so I adapted it to ‘Kiriyuu’, which is just Kiryuu anyway. I also had to make Kiriyuu ‘something’. Like, give her personality and skills. So far, she is a sniper, she likes gardening, scared she’ll become a nun in the near future, or a baker, and she likes sushi. That’s kinda corny too, but oh well.

Okay, so now that I had Kiriyuu made up, I changed the surname to ‘Ottuso’ for a more Italian edge because I revamped her entire character – she was a hitman, sent to Japan to assassinate Hibari (haha). If you looked up the Italian definition – there was a hint in Chapter 4 of COATH what Ottuso means in Italian. Basically, it means dim-witted, or slow, unintelligent person. Harsh, I know. But Kiriyuu demonstrated some brainless actions during the story.

PS. Her name was parodied in Chapter 41; it became Osutto Kiyiruu Cockatrice Nicole.

Kiriyuu Ottuso


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