Umeda Sky Tower, Osaka Castle and Spo Cha

I’ve been in Japan for two months now, and whaddya know? I am still alive! I must be doing something right🙂

Today I am going to write about my short trip to Osaka Castle, Spo Cha and Umeda Sky Tower. I also went to the Umeda Sky Tower but there wasn’t really much to do there aside from enjoying the view and buying souvenirs and it reminded me of the Empire States Building…. And I actually went to Osaka Castle a few weeks ago with friends but I was too lazy tired to write about it until now.

First up is Umeda Sky Tower. To get there, you can get off at the JR Osaka station, walk towards the Grand Front Osaka, follow the sign to Umeda Sky Tower (but you also have to go through this really shady underpass) and voila, you are here.

It is impressive even from the ground:



It cost 1000 yen for entry and you get to the top floor, walk around in a circle and you get a good view of Osaka. There’s also a pretty nifty souvenir shop. Aside from that, there is not much to do. It is probably better to go in the evening.

Moving on…

To get to Osaka Castle, we actually met up at Morinomiya station and we went to get some ramen first. I was recommended the pork ramen so I tried that and I really enjoyed it P: Normally when it comes to food I gravitate towards chicken options because the way how my mum cooks pork which makes me not like it but since I’ve come here I’ve been trying everything!

Afterwards we left to find the castle so we walked quite a bit, starting with the park where we saw all sorts of interesting things – a man rode past us on a bicycle with an owl in his basket. YES AN OWL. An actual goddamn owl. It just sat in the basket, so tame. I had never seen something like that before so I stood in shock, staring. I wish I took a picture but again, I was in too much shock lol.

Next we came across this small group of hip youngsters playing musical instruments; I started filming using my phone and the girl with the trombone, I think she got embarrassed or something, but she stopped halfway through and never played again when we were in the area. Oops, my bad.


Above: People on segways

Then this old man walked past us with a yellow bird atop his hat. At first I didn’t know what the yellow thing was but upon closer inspection it was definitely a bird and it was just standing on his hat, just chilling. Again, it was something I’d never seen before!😀

Below:  A tamed  eagle in the park…?


Right, so the actual castle – it’s probably one of the best places I’ve been to so far. I also had my first matcha ice cream here, too. It’s very peaceful, very calm, and the view is really good. I love landscapes and architecture so I really enjoyed being here. I think the only thing that ruined the castle’s image was the presence of an elevator at the side and also, a very British-looking castle built beside it…hmmm.


But yes, it was very good and I highly recommend anyone who visits Osaka to pay Osaka Castle a visit. It was definitely worth the trek and I saw so many amazing things. The view is also very good.


On the way out, we saw a man riding a unicycle @_@

I’ll write about Spo-Cha now, which is basically where you can play all sorts of games and sports in arcades in Japan for a certain amount of money for a certain amount of time. Japan has tonnes of arcades.

Arcades are big in Japan, they can spawn several floors, some up to 11 floors. The first floor may have gashapon machines and UFO catchers.

I played one gashapon machine once, for this Sailor Moon thingy. It was kind of cute. I also tried my luck on a UFO Catcher for a One Piece figure but I wasted 100 yen moving the claw 1 cm because I didn’t know you had to hold it. Unnnh!

Anyway, so me and a few friends went to Round 1 in Namba to play Spo-Cha. We went to the 3rd floor, went to the counter where the staff member asked if we wanted 90 minutes, 3 hours or something else like from 11am to 6am or something (I think, I can’t remember). Since this was our first time, we chose 90 minutes and it cost us up to 2000 yen maximum. It would cover all sorts of sports from archery, gun shooting, roller blading, basketball, rodeo (yes….that was kind of weird), golf, the batting cage, tennis, badminton, ping pong etc. We were given wristbands and put our bags into lockers that were provided.

It was an interesting experience! One of the first activities we tried was the batting cage. Since I’d never hit a baseball in the my entire life, I pretty much sucked and missed all the time. I think out of 30 balls I probably only hit 7. YES that was how awful I was.

But it was fun anyway since we were all playing together (and a good way to vent out our frustration lol).

We then signed up for the Segway. OMFG THE SEGWAY.

Most. Terrifying. Experience. Ever.

Well, kind of.

We went to find the segway but the guy teaching it and his limited English kind of confused us. But apparently we had to register on the 3rd floor (put our names down on this paper…) and then it was actually a lesson at 8.20pm so once it was time, we went back up to the Segway place and the guy helped me put on my gear because I got confused with the colourful pads.

There was a small group of us, 8 in total so a mixture of me and my friends and Japanese locals. The guy showed us how to ride the Segway and then he got us to try it out one by one.


The way how I worked it out was, you basically had to use your toes to keep yourself going forward. There were handlebars on this Segway (thank the lord!) so it is easy to turn left or right, and getting off you kind of had to jut your bum out to make it stop. The maximum speed on it was like 10 miles per hour and when we went on the rink I was probably the slowest person there, going at 5 miles per hour in the circle.

It was quite nerve wracking but I enjoyed it.

I will show a picture of me and my friends on the segways. But to respect their privacy and mine, I have censored our faces out LOL HAHAH.


Since we were almost 90 minutes up, we played some basketball, archery and then went downstairs to relinquish our wristbands. I was really sweaty by then so I guess that was my exercise for the entire month or something.

We were given a photo coin where we could take purikura photos of ourselves at Round 1 and we were also given UFO vouchers and gambling tokens. YESSS gambling tokens for the machines downstairs!

I tried the coin game and didn’t really get much from it so that was meh. But on the UFO catcher we were only given a choice of 2 machines only, I thought it’d be a lot more but it was only just the two. I won a Snoopy doll yay!

And on the way out, we passed the Dance Evolution game where a guy in a skirt was dancing, a guy in a Policeman costume and a guy in a chipmunk onesie, and two girls in kimonos were dancing.


Animate Umeda (アニメイト梅田)+ Animate Tennoji (アニメイト天王寺) Haul!

Every weekend I have, I try to use it to the best of my ability by walking around, shopping, trying out new food etc. To be fair I am not much of a foodie and if I am out on my own, I try to miss out food altogether because it’s better when you are with someone.

So! Today, I headed to Animate Umeda, as well as Animate Tennoji to have a look at what kind of stuff they have for sale. I am a HUGE fan of anime. I literally had an anime-gasm when I stepped into the store.

Let’s talk about Animate Umeda first. It’s pretty easy to access if you live in Osaka. Get off at the JR Osaka train station, walk towards the Yodabashi Camera mall then pass the Umeda station, walk out until you see Toho Cinema, then continue down this path that doesn’t look tourist friendly and then cross again under a bridge and you’ll see the sign that says ‘Animate’.

Voila, here you are.

I was pleasantly surprised to see it chock-filled with all sorts of anime stuff. The floor to ceiling is covered in all sorts of anime goods for sale, ranging from posters, manga books, DVDs, blu-rays, CDs, magazines and capsule machines.


My pictures do not do this store justice at all. BELOW: Persona 5 stuff! Because it just came out here…


I was relatively surprised to see that anime like One Piece, Naruto, Bleach etc, had limited stuff for sale. Kuroko no Basuke had a section, which I was happy about because I’m a KnB fan, so I went crazy there. Then there’s quite a lot of loli-looking anime, boy’s love, otome game stuff…for instance, I finally found Scared Rider Xechs merchandise!


There was so much stuff for sale.

I wish I had enough money to buy the entire store.


Lots of CDs and DVDs for sale.

The staff and their english capabilities seem limited, but she asked me to choose 5 out of the KnB guys because I think I bought lots of KnB merchandise so qualified for those free goodies. Yay!

I got more KnB stuff…


Gintama glasses are for sale lol.


The staff member also tried to tell me something about the stuff I bought of Persona 5 but in the end I gave up so I just said ‘Ok’ to what she was saying.

My haul…

Next I went to Animate Tennoji to see if they had anything else.


They did!


Again I went nuts but I didn’t spend as much here as I did in Animate Umeda O_O


I would highly recommend you go to Animate if you are a massive fan of anime. It’s easy to access but I wouldn’t say it is affordable. Then again, everything in Japan is expensive so make sure to save up first!

My haul (in blue bags)


Umeda Haul


I got a Persona 5 Anne keyring, tote bag. I got 2 KnB clear pouches, 2 Aomine badges. Random stuff that I got-

img_6006 img_6009



Tennoji Haul


I completed the KnB cards🙂


That’s everything🙂 Thanks for reading!



Things I noticed in Japan so far…

I’ve been in Japan for 3 weeks now. Since I’m from the UK, the differences are HUGE. I’ll cut straight to the point and start.

  1. Everything here is expensive. It is expensive. I cannot stress that enough. And top of that, Japanese shops will show a modest price….until you get the tax added on. YEP! There’s tax on top of that. A piece of broccoli will cost me double the price here than the UK. At first I thought it was because of its uncommon in Japan or something, but nooooope, everything is expensive in Japan. Shoes can go up to £100. For example, Nike, Adidas….even converse. Clothes, like dresses for example, can go up to 10,000 yen, which is about £70 in UK. BELOW: £10 for a hot chocolate in Japan (whereas its about £3 in UK). It is probably designer chocolate, but… See what I mean lol……img_5699
  2. Customer service. Japanese customer service, so far, is 100% 5/5 stars. Every time I go into a restaurant or a store or walk past a shop in a department store and the staff will be like “Irraishaimase” to every single entity that walks past or goes through the door. It means ‘Welcome’ and frankly I LOVE IT. I don’t care if its fake, but so far every Japanese staff member I’ve come across have been genuinely polite.
  3. No self service counters. For the UK, most supermarkets will now have self-service checkout counters which saves me a lot of hassle of actually having to TALK to someone…. in Japan, nope, you need to go to a checkout belt, speak to the operator etc etc.
  4. Everything here is convenient. From the 7-11 to the Daiso. 7-11 stores, Lawson, Family Mart….they’re everywhere and you can buy food and drink and stuff…there are ATM machines too….Then the Daiso. I’ll talk about that next… but I can’t express how convenient Japan is. I went to an electronics store to buy a hairdryer. They showed every single hairdryer in stock and guess what? There was even an adaptor for you to plug in the sample hairdryer and you can test out the heat!!!! Convenient!!!!
  5. Daiso. I love this store. It is literally the best store on earth (along with the Disney Store in Japan, more on that later). The Daiso store has EVERYTHING. From stationary, sweets, t-shirts, gardening tools, bath towels, buckets and washing up liquid. And all for 100 yen too. How awesome is that???img_5090
  6. Disney Store. Holy balls, Japan can take something and turn it into something else, like 100 times better. The Disney Store is one of them. Honest to god, Japan is turning me into a 10 year old again.IMG_5065.JPG
  7. Toilets. Okay, this is a strange one. But toilets can be heated, so your bum is nice and warm when you sit on the pan. And there’s also sound buttons. You probably knew that already. So next time you feel a big one coming and there’s a big queue of folk waiting for the toilet and it’s deadly silent…don’t be afraid, just press the toilet sound button for a range of bathroom, echo-ey noises in the background. Or birdsong, but I’ve yet to encounter that.
  8. Pets. Pets is a big deal in Japan. People like to dress their little dogs here. So far I saw a grown man in a bike with three white dogs in his basket wearing sailor outfits and sunglasses. You just don’t see that kind of thing in the UK.
  9. Arcades. Again, Japan takes everything to a different level and the arcade is no difference. People love video games here, so there are shoot em ups, gambling, pachinko, purikura and DDR (where I saw this guy doing a crazy 150+ combo), and there’s also Dance Revolution which is INTENSE. I’ve seen men dancing to these games and not only do they use your feet but you must DANCE. And spin, and twirl, and use your arms. IMG_5048.JPGimg_5057
  10. Their systematic way of walking…. and freezing-on-the-spot-when-you-accidentally-walk-into-their-path. One side will always be reserved for those going forwards (or going inside a mall, for example), one side will be the side going back (going out of a mall). Also, if you walk into someone’s path, most times they will literally freeze on their spots until you move or they move.
  11. Women only train carriages. So there is groping on trains. I got warned about that. I don’t know how to stop it from happening…like not wearing skirts/shorts but wear jeans or just look unappealing when you go out, or trying to find a spot where there are girls, not men (?), I don’t know, but it happens and there are women only carriages. They can get cramped and full.
  12. SIM cards. In Japan, you can get 2 different kinds – data or call only which means you can either a), use your phone for internet, or b) use your phone for calling only. Frankly this is something I really dislike because I’m so used to my UK phone contract where I was given data and minutes at the same time.
  13. Limited variety of international brands. For this case, I refer to brands like Forever 21, McDonalds and Head & Shoulders which are in the UK, America, Hong Kong for example. I did find these brands, of course, but they’re very limited and don’t have as much exposure as I thought and most Japanese shops are…well, Japanese of origin. So far, I’ve been to Wego for shopping and A-G Plus.
  14. Japanese guys with funky anime hair – mostly light golden brown in colour. Ok, so why am I mentioning Japanese guys? Well, for starters, they do look like they come out from anime. It’s a 50/50. You will definitely see guys with  spiky hairstyles and mostly with dyed, golden, browny hair.
  15. So since I mentioned Japanese guys, then I must mentioned Japanese girls. I noticed a lot of Japanese girls will have their hair dyed. They might wear circle lens. They wear long dresses or baggy trousers.
  16. Riding their bikes. Bicycles are common here. People will also cycle on the pavement and the road, so be careful of someone zipping right past you silently.
  17. Salarymen. Or those working in office jobs, I think. They will always look the same – wearing white shirts and black trousers and carrying briefcases, looking very tired…
  18. Their ability to make anything look cute. Look at their cakes. Look at it…..img_5698
  19. Food that expires VERY QUICK. So I tried to buy bread the other day for lunch. Each bread bundle gave me 5 slices. Fair enough, they were quite chunky. But they expired in 4 days. Like WTF! Same goes for meat, like chicken.
  20. Big flush and little flush. Technically this should be in the part about Japanese toilets but I wanted to add this too. In Japan, you can choose a big flush or a little flush. Make the choice…


I’m in Japan! Production IG Store, Kuroko no Basuke Haul

Hi everyone

I should have mentioned this some time ago, but I recently moved to Japan. I don’t know how long I’ll be there but so far I am enjoying it very much.

Today I’ll write about when I went to the Production IG store in Osaka. It’s located in a department store called Lucua near the train station. I can’t remember what floor it is, but it is worth a visit if you are a fan of Kuroko no Basuke, Joker’s Game and Haikyuu, Ghost in the Shell and Psycho Pass.


Here is the store.


Stuff for sale, mostly Joker’s Game.


Kuroko no Basuke goodies for sale!



Big stickers for sale


Lots of Kuroko no Basuke charms for sale.


So cute *3*

I recently got into Kuroko no Basuke thanks to my cousin so I went pretty crazy when I saw all their merchandise for sale.

Here is my haul…


Altogether this cost me 5000+ yen, which was not as bad as I thought considering I thought it’d go up to 10,000 yen or something. I mean, I spent like 70000 yen in the Pokemon Centre. JAPAN IS EXPENSIVE!

So I got a towel with all the Generation of Miracles on it. I got two posters (the long boxes), but all I could see on the box was what kind of posters you could get….so that reminded me of Yu Gi Oh or Pokemon cards. And I asked the girl at the store and she said they were at random so I wasn’t able to choose😦

LEFT: Kuroko on the box cover. MIDDLE: The posters you can get. RIGHT: More posters


You get 2 posters in one box, and I got Sakurai and Imayoshi lol.

Here is the second posterbox I bought…

LEFT: Individual posters. MIDDLE: Group posters. LEFT: Individual posters


From that I got Midorima and the group poster at the very top, which was nice. I think I might try my luck and buy more… lol. I got two lanyards – one with Akashi and Aomine and I got a Generation of Miracles (as birds) massive keyring, which was kinda pricey. I also got one metal charm and one keyring/key holder. Again – completely at random. It’s all a matter of luck.

I got Midorima.


I got Aomine! YASSSS. That was soooo lucky…


I also bought this packet with Kagami on it. I had no idea what it was but there was also Kuroko, Kise, Midorima and Murasakibara for sale so I chose Kagami. Turns out it was a badge!!! (again, at random).


So there’s my Kuroko no Basuke haul from the IG store. Next up is probably my Pokemon Centre Osaka haul. Thanks for reading!

Faceup Update – Reiji returns

Hi everyone,

Apologies for lack of the posts as well as lack of otome game reviews. Recently I had been experiencing severe wrist pains that went on for a month or so. It got so bad it was affecting my everyday life. I couldn’t put strain on it, could not carry heavy stuff, couldn’t even hold my phone for extended periods of time, that’s how bad it was…. which resulted in me going to see the doctor. I was booked in for a blood test and in the meantime, the doctor gave me tablets called Naproxene. i had a look, and those tablets treat arthritis.

So I decided to take a break from typing because my job demands a lot of it, and I also refrained myself from typing so much at home whether it be for blogging or fanfic. Basically….I can’t type a lot anymore.

Anyway I’m a lot better now so I can write about my most recent happenin’s, such as Reiji returning back to from a faceup commission. I did Reiji’s faceup myself but he’s a Fifth Motif Venitu sculpt and I felt like I wasn’t capturing his personality as well as I should. I chose ticuk because I’ve asked her before and I like her dark, gothic faceups. Reiji really fits the bill for the moody, broody type. Ticuk it was!

I sent him away early June after filling in the commission form on DOA. Along the way his box got a bit bashed and a magnet popped off. Yikes.

I got Reiji today and ticuk sent me the following:



Hahah look at my horrible fingernail


The Boss is there!!!!

Here it is, the moment of truth…


Ok, so that’s really not a flattering picture of him LOL.

But the blushing detail is crazy! *0*

And his eyelashes and eyebrows!!

I’m so happy with how Reiji looks!

I put him back on his body and here he is:



BTS Official Goods arrive!

As you may know, I’m a massive BTS fan. This would be my first time ordering from their official website, the BTS official shop. Everything was in Korean but I think most of the website is easy to navigate and there is also instructions for foreign customers (or, those who are not from South Korea basically), on how to buy their goods.




First up, I ordered a Jimin hip hop monster doll. I really wanted Jungkook and Jin because they are so cute but I think Jungkook was sold out.


I settled for a Jungkook badge instead. It’s so cute!!!


I also bought “Memories of BTS 2015” which consists of 4 DVDs and a photo book which was smaller than I thought since their “Now 3 in Chicago” was massive and so heavy. This was roughly A5 shaped. I can’t wait to watch this🙂

I also bought their official slogan towel. It came in a plastic pouch like my SNSD Phantasia tour one.

Overall, it was pretty pricey considering shipping from South Korea to the UK cost maybe £20? But I did ask them to lower the value of the package so I didn’t get charged customs. Awesome!!

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Hikaru Aihara Main Route Happy End/Review + Walkthrough

Whoo boy, here goes another review plus walkthrough!


It’s weird I’ve chosen not to write about Luke or Ota considering I got most of their routes.

Today our star is Hikaru Aihara from Kissed from the Baddest Bidder in which he becomes a selectable bidder from Season 3 onwards. Voltage gave you his chapter 1 for free but that was a load of pish because nothing remotely interesting happened.

Personally I never liked Hikaru even when he came out even as a minor character, which was probably…season 2? Yeesh it’s been so long I can’t even remember. Anyway, Hikaru was your co-worker who everyone likes and you like him too, because he is so friendly, cheerful and helpful.


Well turns out that’s a load of crap because Hikaru is two faced little wank.

Look at this picture!





Okay, so I’m probably being very harsh but I actually LIKED his route. It made me LIKE Hikaru. It made me laugh, and it made me want to know more about him. Soo ladies and germs, let’s start with the walkthrough! Expect spoilers of course.




**~~HAPPY END~~**


Chapter 1:

Talk to him

Tell him your name


Chapter 2:

He’s always happy

What do you want to get out of it


Chapter 3:

It’s not early (or choose “You’ve got a dirty mouth” for lols)

It’s dangerous


Chapter 4:


Message him back


Chapter 5:

I want to work with you

Thank him


Chapter 6:

What can I do?

What favour?


Chapter 7:

Talk to him

You two are close


Chapter 8:

Now I see why you’re close

What do you want to do


Chapter 9:

Why did you save me?


Chapter 10:

I’m used to this life now

It’s not a waste!


Chapter 11:

Not really…

I want to stop Hikaru


Chapter 12:

I want to save Hikaru!

Mr Ichinomiya can save him


So going back to what I mentioned earlier, I really didn’t like Hikaru for some reason when he first came out in the game. It also became quite apparent that he had his own shady backstory because in some main routes you will see him acting suspicious around other characters or making some kind of comment which makes you really wonder if he’s really just your friendly helpful hotel worker.


In his route, you start off as not being sold to any of the guys but they force you to become the Mad Hatter’s Assistant to spy on him. You know, this guy here:


By the way, he has own route in the GREE Party version! WTF SO HE WAS PACKING THOSE GOODIES UNDER THAT MAKEUPPPP *3*



There was a special story which revolved around Soryu where you have to investigate the sudden disappearance of the Mad Hatter who is creeping up at you at the end when you go to his basement room on your own (goddamnit MC don’t you have a brain like why would you do that?) and he calls you ‘Alice’ and keeps saying things like ‘Wonderland’ blah blah blah other cryptic creepy shit.

It’s the same in this route.

You become Mad Hatter’s assistant who keeps calling you Alice and together you live in the basement floor which he calls ‘Wonderland’ and you have tea parties and stuff. Oh and he keeps you in a room the size of a closet. But the Mad Hatter is nice to you so you both soon become BFF having little tea parties and what not so you end up calling him ‘Maddy’ which makes him verrrry happy.

Where does Hikaru fit in all this? Well turns out he’s your co-basement dweller, lives in a hidden room, and only comes out a few chapters later where you find out he is a mercenary…basically, a hitman. And he does tonnes of other bad stuff. He also enjoys badmouthing the MC, totally not the nice-nice Hikaru she once knew him to be.

All I can say is, I really enjoyed seeing the sinister side of Hikaru, I always knew he was too good to be true. But at the same time, some of the conversations between MC and Hikaru were one of the funniest things I’d ever read in the entire game.

Buuuut, he has a horde of insults:


Even your cooking is not spared.


And his sexual innuendos or flirting or whatever that is, are never ending:




The above actually happened in one smooth conversation @_@

I actually don’t want to spoil too much for you guys but I will say that the story got confusing nearer the end. Hikaru basically works for someone and kills for a living. He asks MC to come to a party with him as a date so he can hide amongst them rich folks and bump off some rich dude without being seen where the MC insults him –


But then his counter argument is pretty effective:



The MC was originally meant to spy on the Mad Hatter but Hikaru turns it round so MC is forced to spy on the auction managers instead. He comes home blood splattered and clearly having bumped someone off and MC asks him how he became the way he is and he does this:





Then he does this:


URghhh Hikaruuuuu.

And there’s more!


I find the love story quite strange; it seemed to blossom from out of nowhere. I find it too light, especially because Hikaru is a hitman, an assassin. MC seems to accept that with no problems although she mentions at some point that Hikaru doesn’t want to kill, which is true. It was one of the most surreal thing I’d read when at the end, Hikaru and MC confess their love for each other.

giphy (8)

Final thoughts:

I enjoyed it because I really had an open mind when playing this and some of the conversations are LMAO-worthy.

….Just don’t go into too much thought how a hotel maid can fall in love with a hitman and….you know, accepts that her boyfriend kills people for a living….

And Hikaru’s insults….well they were actually more funny than mean when you read them.

There is also very little action in this story, in which MC gets kidnapped or there’s some high tension scene happening, which is fine by me because I’m so sick and tired of Voltage’s stupid plotlines with bad guys trying to attack or kill MC half the time. Yawn.

And the conversation between Ota, Baba and the MC, about how the MC and the Mad Hatter are getting on was hilarious:




Jesus these pair really are something.



I liked the MC here but she still had some flaws; it was good that she didn’t take Hikaru’s crap and backsassed him many times. But at the same she would get all misty-eyed and mushy later on when Hikaru was mean to her which doesn’t quite make much sense? Aside from that, you’ll see that MC is really one of the most useless workers in the hotel because she cocks up so many times, like falling over in front of guests, falling over with trays of food or not even doing her housekeeping job properly and it makes you really wonder how she got a job in a 5 star worldwide hotel in the first place.



…gets the same score as MC. Errrr, Hikaru is either a tsundere or the yandere. They say Luke is yandere but Luke doesn’t seem yandere enough to me. He’s just a bit bone-loopy, that’s all. Anyway, I liked Hikaru a lot more in this route. You still don’t get to find out more about him though.



Wow, quite a lot of low scores here. This is partially because the CGs are a bit boring…

Final words:

There’s not much romance. It was more of a love/hate relationship between Hikaru and MC. Hikaru was a guy MC loved to hate, and MC was a girl Hikaru loved to hate. I don’t regret buying Hikaru’s route, because you see the Mad Hatter a lot but he’s covered in his makeup. I think MC and Mad Hatter also made quite the cute couple because he was so nice to her.

Let’s see that pretty face again😀



Kissed By The Baddest Bidder: Soryu Oh Season 3 Proposal Review *SPOILERS!*


Hey guyssssss

I decided to write about Soryu’s proposal. He’s my first voltage husband, then it was Tsumugu from Our Two Bedroom story, followed by Luke Foster and Tamaki from My Forged Wedding. I’ve never written any reviews or walkthroughs for the Kissed by the Baddest Bidder app yet. Personally I find the title of the game a bit cringeworthy but its one of the best Voltage otome games I’ve played.

Soryu was my first choice and he’s been my choice from Season 1 all the way up to present. I’ve bought most of his special stories too. I didn’t really like the other guys for some reason until Luke was introduced in Season 2 and then I got Hishikura’s route. Then I soon warmed up to Ota l despite his awkward arm, because I got his bundle when it was Voltage sale.

Anyway, Soryu’s Season 3 proposal is quite the big leap from Season 1 and 2. It starts off really steamy and it doesn’t change.


You’ve now moved from the Japan Tres Spades hotel to the one in Dubai and now London. You and Soryu stay in the penthouse suite and one morning you wake up to make Soryu breakfast. However, he comes into the kitchen and says he’d rather eat you O_O Holy bejesus Voltage. As if it can’t anymore R-rated here’s the screenshot to show that you and Soryu get up to no good.



Later, Soryu buys an expensive vase at the auction and then you get a letter from your friend Chisato who got married recently. As you moan a bit, Soryu then lets slip that he thinks one day you both will get married and that’s why he brought you to London. Gah! Soryu, you sweetheart!

On a date, you get attacked and get hurt and Soryu shoots the motherfucker with his gun who utters out a cryptic response before fleeing. Soryu finds out it was someone from the ‘Crimson Swords’, a rival Sicilian mob gang with headquarters  in London.

You meet the Ice Dragons in London and see Samejima and Ryosuke who are bickering as usual and your dog Jasmine who is now pretty big. A new face appears – Jin, who is one of the leaders of the London branch. After voicing your support to Soryu to the guys, Soryu ends up being embarrassed and soon he and Jin have a serious discussion – if they get rid of the Crimson Swords they’ll become really powerful in Europe. Afterwards Ryosuke drives you and Soryu home where you can totally talk dirty to Soryu whilst you sit with him in the backseat but this only serves to embarrass him further HAHAH


Choice Option: “Let’s do it all night long.” LMAOOO


You started it Soryu!!!

Next day you and Soryu are on another date on the London Eye where Soryu tells you if you are to be wed and take on his last name, it has to be common law marriage and because its too dangerous. Soryu explains that its common in the mafia world not to get legally married. Later on and Soryu has given the expensive vase he bought earlier to the Crimson Swords as a peace offering.

All I can really say is this route is just chock full of sexy stuff. In the same chapter, later on in the night and Soryu is totally up to the mood and asking MC for sexy timez but they’re interrupted by a work call much to both of your disappointment. You’re both summoned to the headquarters where Jin says the Crimson Swords are ok with a truce but want the boss of the Ice Dragons to marry the Crimson sword’s boss’ daughter or else they’ll destroy all the Ice Dragons. Sheesh what is up with the mafia world and betrothals. It’s like Season 1 all over again.


To your worse nightmare, Soryu actually agrees!


After a few days of agony and mental turmoil since if Soryu marries that girl you’ll become his mistress, you invite Soryu back to the London Eye and tell him your decision – that its ok to legally marry the daughter of the rival gang and become his mistress so the crimson swords won’t destroy the Ice Dragons. Ugh, it sounds horrible XO

The next day when its the day to sign the official marriage papers, Soryu steps down and says Jin will sign it because Jin is now the boss and Soryu will no longer be part of the Ice Dragons, much to everyone’s shock.

Basically, Soryu quit the Ice Dragons cold turkey.


From then on, I guess Soryu becomes a house husband since he’s always home when you finish work. He also keeps his hair down. Mmm sexy. At the penthouse and the guys tease Soryu now that technically he’s unemployed.

This is one of the best conversations of the route:



giphy (7)

Eisuke offers Soryu to be his bodyguard and Baba asks Soryu to become a thief like him. Pffft. Both options don’t seem to make Soryu happy so he rejects them. Baba holds a party for you both after Soryu asks the guys to be his guests for his wedding, again surprising everyone with the fact that you are going to marry. After the party and you and Soryu go and have smex again.


Geez Voltage getting pretty graphical.


The day after you and Soryu have a shower and you notice Soryu no longer wears his hair slicked back.


Personally I prefer this messy hair lol.

You’re give a chance to compliment him which makes him blush. Soryu then takes you to a store where you choose your engagement ring yay! But a walk down the market and you both overhear bad rumors that the Ice Dragons have turned violent and are kidnapping kids. Yeesh.

Ryosuke turns up at the hotel, beaten up and bloody and he scares a guest at the hotel so you take him to the penthouse where he tells you and Soryu that Jin was a spy from the Crimson swords all along! Why that dirty cheating lying rat bastard! Despite Ryosuke practically begging Soryu to come back, Soryu coldly rejects him and then you end up in a fight with him. Ahhh noooo…

With help from the guys, you decide to get the rest of the Ice Dragons who aren’t allied with Jin to bring Soryu back. It does mean you can’t marry Soryu though…. You go with Ryosuke to the Ice Dragons headquarters where the guys who used to be nice to you become all arsey and almost hurt you until Soryu arrives, knowing you’d try to pull a stunt like this.

After a few honest words and Soryu admits he hadn’t stopped thinking about the Dragons since he quit. He really is worried. Well, of course he is!!! It’s part of his goddamn life! However, some Dragons are not convinced by Soryu’s words and thinks he abandoned them for a woman instead so you end up tearing apart your marriage certificate to prove that Soryu is serious.



Dunno about you but I was pretty absorbed in the moment when this happened. I think I died a little inside, knowing that MC ripped up her marriage certificate as if it was nothing and was settling to become a mistress. Anyhoo, Soryu gets his support in the end, and MC will just have to live as his mistress from now on. AHhhh nooo….

There’s still the lying cheating rat called Jin to take care of. Soryu gets a call saying Jin is no longer with the Swords, making you wonder who he truly is. When you finally catch Jin, he fesses up that he planned all this because of revenge – the Crimson swords killed someone dear to him so he infiltrated both the dragons and the swords. Uh oh…okay, guess he isn’t the lying cheating dirty rat after all. Whoops sorry Jin LOL.

So you all plan to bump off the Swords’ boss using you as bait, to seduce him and get him alone in the room and then Soryu and Jin will pounce on him. I found it strange that….during the entire route and you get hurt by mafia rivals and Soryu keeps saying he’ll protect you and then here he is practically shoving you to the frontlines of danger?! LOOOOL.

Anyhoo, it’s probably eyecandy for Soryu after you’re forced to wear a revealing bunny costume and you attract the Sword’s boss who hits on you immediately once you get his attention and asks if you provide any ‘extra services’ for a charge. WHOAH. You succeed in seducing him and bring him to the trap where Soryu and Jin attackkkkkk!

More things happen but it’s all pretty wrapped up anyway. You and Soryu then go to the penthouse to tell the guys about your marriage, the Ice Dragons, and later on, Soryu proposes to you at the London Eye at night.

Final thoughts:

I liked this story much much more than Season 2. In fact I can’t even remember what happened in Season 2. I liked how Soryu sacrificed his dream and his Ice Dragons to marry MC because if he didn’t it would mean he would end up married to someone else and MC would be his ‘mistress’, a word which I really hate.

However I still have my gripes, in which I think my biggest frustration with Soryu’s routes are the fact that he’s a mobster but the mafia aspect is taken so lightly and it still is. In reality, the mafia are scary and I don’t find it portrayed accurately in this game.

I guess you can’t really do that for an otome game because it’s not supposed to be like that, but I assumed by Season 3 it’ll be a bit different and serious. It’s not really. Also, MC doesn’t seem to bloody change at all since Season 1. I thought she’d change and adapt more to the mafia life but I can’t say that she does. I guess the realist in me just takes everything too literally. Things like this won’t happen in real life. A character like MC would not be with Soryu for that long. She’s just a maid at a hotel whose boyfriend is a mobster. I thought she would change to become more immersed in the mafia world, maybe a bit more badass and tough….  not still in her bubble world of happiness and sunshine. It’s just too…unrealistic.

Also, what the hell was up with the part of using the MC as bait? Especially after Soryu was like “I’ll protect you with my life bby.”  5 seconds later: “Actually no change of plan we need to get dis guy MC u go be bait and put on this bunny outfit.” Like WTF!

Star Crossed Myth Review + Walkthrough: Aigonorous






giphy (3)

Sorry for reusing gifs but I really like this one hehe.

And actually, he’s been out since last month and as usual I’m super late because I wanted to blog about other things. But I did play his route when it came out immediately. It was so glitchy I didn’t have much of a good time, hopping from chapter to chapter.

But yes, here we have the lovely Aigonorus today! I have been waiting so long for his route!!! Introducing the super adorable God of Capricorn, Aigonorus!!!

I played his route blindly and ended up with the blessed ending. It’s not hard at all. It’s either you’re pretty indifferent or mean to him or you deliberately pick the choices that fit the situation and will most likely make him happy or show that you understand him or want to touch him I mean you’re given the choice to hug him at some point really.

Here’s the walk through for all you perfectionists🙂


Chapter 1:

A pillow

You’re sweet


Chapter 2:

He protected me

How long will this last?


Chapter 3:

You’re being misleading

That’s not the issue here!


Chapter 4:

Pinch his nose

I’ll take the sofa…


Chapter 5:

Is your spidey sense tingling?

Lean into his arms


Chapter 6:

You really care about them, huh?



Chapter 7:

You’re so cute

Lookat his face


Chapter 8:


Hug him back


Chapter 9:


Why are you sitting like that?


Chapter 10:

I can’t believe this

Get a drink


Chapter 11:

Ask about him

Look at Aigonorus


Chapter 12:

I’m more worried about you…

I love you



Anyway, so you choose Aigonorus to protect you because of his complete indifference and lack of interest to your wellbeing he’ll probably never hit on your or whatever like some of the other gods. Since Aigo appears as a love interest for the next set of Gods (I’ll just call this Season 2 from now on). In Season 2 you are being targeted by evil gods of the Under Realm and need protection. Personally I would choose Krioff to protect me because he looks like Akihiko from Persona 3 whoops did I say that out loud  he can protect me from bad guys and beat them into a pulp. I would only choose Aigonorus out of the other gods in Season 2 if Krioff was not there because Tauxolouve is too flirty for my liking and so is Patherno, who is super gorgeous but at the same time he knows it and its kind of annoying  I guess???, first impression wise. I actually would probably go for Karno…maybe Zyglavis, I guess, so yeah. Maybe I’ll try their routes out later. Eh.

Anyway you choose Aigo and he can’t be arsed to protect you at all. So he takes you home and basically tells you not to leave the house (grounds you in a way I suppose) then he takes his leave. The next day you get attacked by the evil ‘servant’s until these goats appear and protects you. In the process one of them gets hurt. Aigo returns and it turns out the goats are his familiars, or heralds…like heavenly divine spirits that look like goats. So yeah, Aigo pretty much has control over goats…



Yeah ok so those are alpacas but I couldn’t find a gif with goats so this will have to do.

Plus I couldn’t find this certain gif where it shows you TONNES of alpacas running towards you it was actually kind of scary but yeah.

Riiiight back to the review….

You’re then summoned by the Heavenly King who punishes Aigo with a mark of sin because godammit he is so lazy he couldn’t be bothered to protect you and sent his goats to do the job instead.


With this mark on his neck it now mean he can’t leave MC’s side less than three feet or something and if he does he’ll get a nasty electric shock. Surprisingly enough, Aigonorus takes it with a shrug as usual (which is fine with me because imagine if he got all angry). You then stay in the heavens for a while where you find out Aigonorus doesn’t know what a phone is when you take it out and there’s an awkward conversation where Aigo tells you that you make his heart race but in the end it just means when you walk too far from him he gets shocked so its bad for his heart. Misunderstandings galore!!!! Le sigh.

He pretty much looks at you with this expression most the time:


Hmm you don’t say, Aigo?

Since you’re pretty much stuck with Aigo and vice versa, there’s a time when Aigo takes you to work at the reflecting pool and later on, you must take a bath together. Whilst MC freaks out because he doesn’t seem to know about humans taking baths naked, he ends up snapping his fingers and MC’s clothes fly off before him. I chose a hilarious response but I don’t think it was right haha. Aigo then joins you in the bath buuuuut…. nothing dirty happens of course because Aigo isn’t interested  you perverts stop with those kinky thoughts.

Afterwards Aigo seems to have dozed off so MC tries to wake him up but to no avail because he’s like sleeping like the dead and she ends up fainting in the hot bath and she wakes up in Aigo’s room where he apologizes for dozing off and also “THAT”. What he means by THAT is MC’s blanket falling off and she’s practically buck nekkid in front of him hahaha😄

As usual MC freaks out but Aigo has no reaction whatsoever.


See what I mean?

However, Aigo did see her completely naked so I guess they’ve actually taken a step even further than Leon and Scorpio combined considering this happened in like Chapter 4. WHoohoo, go Aigo!

Okay so as the route progresses, you just find Aigo is just a really laidback, awkward guy with verrry little knowledge of the human world, almost embarrassingly so because MC gets hungry and it growls in front of him and he ends up thinking her stomach growling was a mouse in the room. REALLY AIGO? A MOUSE??? But then MC explains that she’s just hungry so Aigo snaps his fingers and gives her a bunch of food. Ahhh sweetie😄 Just like Scorpio and Leon who liked apple rabbits and meatballs, Ichyths and Dui (taiyaki and cherries), you find out Aigo likes marshmallows after MC shows him a picture of a marshmallow on her phone….but er…like how many people would have a photo of a marshmallow on their phone…so random haha….then again voltage gives a totally legit reason lol…

By the way Aigo will flirt with you at some times in a really subtle way…


…Well he’s comparing you to a marshmallow, I guess that’s how romantic he’ll be.

But still..



At night and MC and Aigo share a bed together. MC then hears him moan out someone’s name in anguish. A few days later and MC gradually begins to feel more comfortable in Aigo’s presence.

He takes her to the market where lady gods flirt with him from all directions and these really pushy gossiping female gods rudely bump into you and before you fall Aigo catches you but in a huggy-way. EEEEEE. I don’t know about you but I cherished every single moment like this considering how unfeeling Aigo can be towards you. He takes you to see the goats again where you learn his actual power is to control living things and make them into his holy servants and make any living creature obey him so totally not goat powers.

Oops my bad.

MC then finds the goat who helped her and befriends him, much to Aigo’s amazement because that goat apparently only likes him. He even compliments MC afterwards. Whooo go MC! WORM YOUR WAY INTO AIGO’S UNFEELING HEARTTTTTT. In order to repay MC, Aigo grants her wish to return to earth where he says that he will protect her. MC also notices that he’s beginning to smile a lot more when he’s around her. At home and MC gives him roasted marshmallows which makes him very happy.

Later at night and they share a bed although MC thinks this is wrong and tries to sneak out of bed but Aigo grabs her and says she is his replacement pillow. HNNN MORE FEELS!


The next morning and all the gods from wishes come to visit to see Aigo hugging you on the bed. No matter what you say they’ll just get the wrong idea so whatever. As usual, Aigo is apathetic to the situation but he does defend you from the gods because they get angry that you returned to earth against orders. Go Aigo! The moment was completely right for this, because MC then asks Aigo to tell her more about himself.


Turns out Aigo is a god born with the power to communicate with the minds of living things and control them. He was asked to work at the palace by the king but other gods there had better powers and he lost confidence. One day at a banquet, he met a beautifull goddess who comforted and encouraged him all the time. He was charmed by her kindness and fell in love with her. He then introduced her to his goat friends who scratched her because they didn’t trust her. She got angry and basically let her ugly side show saying that he couldn’t protect her and that there was nothing else worthy about him except from his power. He also discovers that she only gotten close to him to use him because she thought it would look good to have a Department of Wishes god on her arm due to his position. Aigo broke it off immediately even though he still loved her. People thought he was cruel to dump her but she immediately went with someone else anyway. He realised it was just lies she fed him the entire time.


Aigo was hurt after that and stopped loving anyone or anything after that because he was scared of getting hurt.

I dunno about you…but damn that is really saddening…TT_TT

In the heat of the moment, Aigo hugs you. You’re given a choice whether to hug him back.



MC begins to like Aigo a lot more after that. She even admits it, whoohoo! MC realises she is in love with Aigo and begins to distance herself from Aigo. He picks up on it and one day MC wakes up to see Aigo watching her sleep.




Ok I’m probably going overboard with gifs now haha. I just thought of ‘staring’ and thought of this for some weird reason lol.

Aigo asks MC to show him around earth and she does, with Aigo ends up holding her hand. EEEEE! When Aigo becomes tired, they go to a bench to sit beside each other and Aigo rests his head on her shoulder. EEEEEE

Once you notice that the mark is gone however, Aigo becomes cold and distant towards you again. Soo crueeeel…

Upset, MC goes to the balcony because god knows why but it seems when people are upset they go to their balcony to pour out their sadness and whaddya know? She gets taken away by the evil gods again who curse MC to have a mark that will zap the life energy out of anyone who gets close to her – Aigo is the intended victim, of course. When Aigo comes to save her and takes her home, he is in so much pain MC can’t bear to stand it so she tells him she hates him and runs away from the apartment. But of course this makes you a target for evil gods so you get taken away again.

Aigo chases after you and you end up confessing that you love him and don’t want to cause him anymore pain. Aigo confesses too and says he doesn’t want to hurt MC either and that he was always scared of getting hurt but now he doesn’t care getting hurt anymore because he wants to protect MC and that he loves her.

OMG so I probably wrote that in a shitty way but just to let you know in the game, this was the most heartfelt confession I’d ever read in Voltage app history.

Aigo then turns into his god form and uses his goats to chase away the evil gods. Later, you and Aigo are summoned to see the King again where he tells Aigo that he is due his reward for protecting you. Guess what? Aigo asks for you!



giphy (6)

But as usual the king is a party pooper and says he can’t grant it because it’s your heart. So yeah the King then asks you if you wish for Aigonorus.

No brainer there gurl…


For once in Star Crossed Myth, the king actually allows you to be with your god. Holy hell. I never knew he’d be so generous. So yeah – AWEEEESOMMMMEEEE!!!

Final thoughts:



I actually don’t know what else I can really mention about MC here other than she is pretty realistic and didn’t do anything annoying as other MCs in other routes are. So far, she was likable and she understood her feelings for Aigonorus and her reactions were realistic. She liked him and ended up getting flustered and awkward and didn’t act on those feelings because of self doubt. She was also really bold considering she fessed to Aigonorus first nearer the end. I mean, what if he ended up telling her he didn’t like her that way? DAT GIRL GOT BALLZ.

The guy, Aigonorus:


A 4/5 from me. Not a 5 because…heck, no-one is perfect. I liked Aigonorus because he didn’t seem like a typical Voltage guy; he wasn’t mean and pushy and tsundere or yandere to the point where it got irritating or downright weird. Aignorous is relatively…normal. Maybe you’d even say boring, if you wanted to read Voltage stories where the guy aggressively corners MC  and kisses her or whatever. Aigonorus is not like that at all. He’s a pretty quiet, awkward guy. However he’s also capable of being very kind and sweet and considerate of others and also dropping some random subtle flirty comments every now and then. Basically, he got hurt in the past because he was used by someone he loved and ended up being cold and indifferent to situations and people which is a pretty normal reaction if that happened to someone. I think deep inside he was trying to cover up his hurt and it showed in this route. He got hurt so he lost trust and faith and when MC swarms into his life he doesn’t want happened in the past to happen again. The way he acts around MC when he realises he’s in love with her was really cute too.



Welp, here are some CGs for you guyyyyys. You can just look at Voltage wikia tbh. Aigo is pretty *_*


Final thoughts:



However it’s still not one of the best routes I have played though.

I need to be honest about that.
I would buy Aigo’s route if you want a pretty normal romance and a cute guy who shows relatively little affection until nearer the end, although by chapter 4 my meter was all the way to blessed. If you want something steamier I would recommend a different app altogether, maybe Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, Soryu’s routes or Luke’s (Yandere galore). I still enjoyed Aigo’s route immensely because I liked him since he came out in the prologue and Aigonorus and MC’s relationship reminds me of people who are experiencing their very first love. CUUUUTE *3*

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!

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KCON Paris 2016 and the BTS Meet + Greet That Never Was


Hi everyone, I was supposed to write a post about my trip to Korea and Taiwan and ended up completely having no time. So I am two weeks late with that post plus I am now posting about Kcon Paris 2016, which happened yesterday.

I am now back from travelling all the way to France from the UK. I’ve been to France before for SM Town and Music Bank which was roughly 4-5 years ago (geez…) and a lot has changed since.


Some thoughts about Kcon this year…

(by the way most of it is negative. You’ll see why).

Continue reading