May trip 2016 – Taiwan + South Korea

Hi everyone!

I don’t post frequently, but when I do it’s usually either short posts about otome games or kpop or massive posts like these ones, indicating a trip that I’ve just come back from. This time I went to see SNSD in Taipei and we had booked a trip to Hong Kong. Taipei is just an hour away so it made sense that we also visited another place closeby, ie, South Korea. It was a choice between Japan or Korea, and although I had really wanted to go, my family were more for Korea. Ahhh well, maybe next time yah?

So I’ve decided to split the whole entire trip into different posts. One post will be about Taiwan and the SNSD concert and a few more will be about the places we visited in South Korea. I probably won’t be able to cover much about the SNSD Phantasia concert, because taking photos or videos there were strongly forbidden so don’t expect much haha ^^””

I also won’t be writing about Hong Kong because I’ve been before and you can read up about it in the section labelled ‘Hong Kong’ anyway.

So let’s begin with Taiwan!
We were in Hong Kong initially for 2 weeks prior the concert. What a big mistake that was, considering we were on maniacal shopping sprees there and did so much walking. By the time it was for Taiwan I was exhausted. We flew by EVA air and arrived at Taoyuan airport. Never had I felt such a strong language barrier before. Taiwanese people don’t know Cantonese and have limited or no English speaking skills whatsoever. So imagine how useless I felt!

We got the Freego bus 5502 which ran every hour when we got there (a Saturday). The guy at the desk was helpful but because we had missed one earlier, he suggested we take another bus, then go to the underground and take a train and get off at a stop that was apparently close to our hotel then walk.We didn’t feel confident travelling that way especially because we didn’t know the language and generally just had no clue as to what the futwuck we were doing (because me and my sister are idiots abroad) and just decided to wait for the next bus.

Just to let you know, the bus had sofa seats. SOFA seats. Never had I seen sofa seats on a bus before in my entire life!


When we arrived at our bus stop, we just crossed the street to arrive at Sunworld Dynasty Hotel.  Basically, we had bought a SM Town Global package for the SNSD concert. It cost about $1000 for the two of us so roughly $500 each. Considering that the concert was only $100 per ticket, we wondered if the hotel was worth the extra $400. PS we also saw online that Sunworld Dynasty room rates are actually roughly $100, so SM Town REALLY ripped us off. As much as I like all the SM Town artists – they ripped us off, plainly.


The hotel was nice though. It had a wide open space where you see rows and rows of balconies and you see doors where the rooms were. However, it was still a bit old and our room and carpet smelled a bit like pee but otherwise it was quite clean and roomy.



Later on in the evening we got hungry so we headed to Taipei 101. It’s the massive tower where the popular restaurant Din Tai Fung is. We took the train there, changed trains from Da’an to Taipei 101 and arrived easily; so generally it’s quite easy to navigate the subway system but if you really have no clue, avoid it. Something I must point out is that Taiwan is a very relaxed country compared to Hong Kong. Going up or down an escalator took about 3 minutes because it was that slow.


We arrived at Taipei 101 and there were already tonnes of people waiting for a seat in Din Tai Fung, at least an hour’s wait. But me and my sister thought it was best we waited it out by doing some sightseeing and walking around the plaza. We got some nifty souvenirs although they were quite expensive.


Finally we got our seats at Din Tai Fung. We returned after about 50 minutes and waited anxiously for our table number to be called and once it did, my god it was like winning a lottery. I think we were number 1233. Once the lady called us out we were jumping up and down on our spots with our ticket like “YES! 1233! That’s us! YESSSS!” before rushing up to the counter to claim our table.


We were shown quickly to our seats and immediately served some oolong cha. You receive an order sheet the moment you get your table ticket so the lady took it off us and took it to the kitchen and we were served really quickly. We got the infamous Din Tai Fung Xiaolong bao, steamed pot stickers, shrimp and pork shao mai and also some shrimp and pork fried rice.





You can also watch the chefs cook!


On the day of the concert, we got a buffet breakfast at the hotel and then went to the event hall to claim our tickets. There was only 1 SM Town representative who took our names, handed us our passes and also our ordered merchandise, which was only 2 glowsticks because we were cheap and couldn’t afford any other SM Town SNSD merchandise it was better to buy it from SM Town officially. Then we were given our tickets at random, which disappointed my sister considering she thought it was a lottery or something.


We were given the fourth row at the front of the stage regardless!!!!


Next we thought it was best to scout out the arena; it was already extremely busy with vendors outside the arena selling SNSD merchandise. We took quite a long time trying to decide what to buy and eventually  settled for two headbands and bags. I got a Taeyon wristband and my sister got a YoonA fan.

There was also a flashmob covering SNSD songs. Most of them were guys which was pretty awesome.


We returned to the hotel and waited until 1pm-ish to return to the event hall where apparently you convene with other global package folk and then head to the arena. We only saw 8 other people there and they were all standing. It was strange waiting for the others to arrive, everyone just sat in silence in the room until everyone was accounted for. Also, me and my sister were the only ones with seated tickets, the rest were standing, which made me believe the others in the Global Package had purchased 2 nights worth of SNSD concert tickets because we only bought Sunday concert tickets and there had been a concert on Saturday. The Global Package had Saturday, Sunday or BOTH Saturday and Sunday tickets available but these were Seated tickets for Saturday and standing tickets for Sunday. We were also told that we didn’t have to come down at 1pm because we were seated, we could go in later and then just sit down whereas the rest had to go early to get good spots to stand in.

Anyway, my sister and I went with the group and arrived at the concert venue. Our seats were really good! The bad thing is that you aren’t allowed to take photos or videos of SNSD when they are performing.


Look at how close we were!!!

Below: Pink ocean!!!


The concert experience was amazing. Everyone knew how to fanchant! SNSD were really happy! I actually don’t remember much but I do remember that Mister Mister, Catch me if You Can, Run Devil Run and Hoot were very good! They didn’t do “I got a Boy” though which made me sad L I also sat beside some guy who didn’t cheer at all during the entire concert, which made me wonder if he even was a SNSD fan! Also, because we were in the 4th row, we managed to see all the members up close!!!


Ok I lied I managed to sneakily take a picture of Sooyung. Even though it’s quite a bad shot.

I remember there was a part when they throw signed balls from a basket into the crowd. I stood on a chair and screamed as YoonA went over to us. She stood for few seconds with her basket, uncomfortable. The rest of the crowd below me were also screaming for her but I think I creeped her out the most!!! I didn’t mean to! Oh lord I regret it now. Oh, and in terms of the signed balls, this tall huge guy got 3 balls. No-one wanted or was able to fight him for them of course, because he was so tall and huge.

Aside from that, we were really pleased with the concert. The last day we went to Taoyuan airport again and we were able to explore the aiport a lot better than last time. Let’s just say Taoyuan airport is the best airport I’ve been in so far!



Below: Cinema style waiting seats!



It even has a ninja escape sling!


That’s all for now. Stay tuned for South Korea – Myeong Dong, Hongdae, SM Coex Artium, Iplehouse showroom and more!

Updates April 2016

Riiiighty ho, I think a post about updates so far should be in order:

  1. I’m hoping to write more about otome games in the future, maybe like more indepth reviews and walkthroughs. I’ve played mostly Voltage games, since it’s easily available on the IOS and I play these games on my ipad. I have also splurged a lot on Kissed by the Baddest Bidder (Soryu, Ota, Luke and Hishikura), Star Crossed Myth (Leon, Huedhaut, Dui, Scorpio and Ichthys), Enchanted in the Moonlight (Miyabi mostly…), Our Two Bedroom Story (Kaoru and Tsumugu), My Forged Wedding (Tamaki) and Be My Princess 2 (Kuon and Ivan).140917_01_01
  2. BJDs….. I’ve sold quite a lot of my doll crew because money issues simply happened and also because unfortunately they did not work out for the characters I had in mind and then I had financial problems which I think are kind of sorted now…I hope. I’ve sold namely the Iplehouse KIDs, Chris, Soom Aslan and a Soom Hyperon which I had for a brief time. At the moment I’m perfectly happy with the size of my dolly crew at the moment.
  3. Holidays. Usually I don’t plan any holidays but when I do plan holidays they’re quite big so this year I’m going to see SNSD in Taiwan for their Phantasia concert. I’ll be going with my sister because we are both MASSIVE SNSD FANS AND GOD WE MISSED OUT ON LIKE 50 CONCERTS THEY HELD IN KOREA, JAPAN, HONG KONG, SEOUL AND USA SINCE THEY CAME OUT SO THIS IS PROBABLY THEIR LAST CONCERT WE ARE DEFINITELY GOING TO SEE THIS EVEN IF I HAVE TO SELL A KIDNEY.snsd phantasia concert.jpg
  4. Final Fantasy 15. HOLY F*CK sorry for the swear but I have been waiting since 2006/2007 since they announced it as Final Fantasy Versus 13. I have been waiting almost 10 years for this. 10!!!!!!!!!!!!! And finally they have a release date even though they continuously released other games before this one. I’m a mix between very angry because of that but also very happy, especially when they released the demo. It’s strange. All I know so far is its a road trip and there’s a lot of bromance, exotic places, big monsters, creatures and epicness. Since they messed up Final Fantasy 13, Square Enix better not cock this one up. They have released Stand By Me as their theme song though. Plus, Kingdom Hearts 3 and a Final Fantasy 7 remake is also on the radar too. 3029193-2834762-ffxv_screenshot_duscae_230215_5_1424701305.jpg
  5. Pokemon Sun and Moon…..I remember when Pokemon came out, and when Pokemon Blue and Red came out and I’ve played the Pokemon series up to Pokemon X so far, but now I don’t really find myself enjoying Pokemon as I used to do. But it’s interesting to see how far they can go with Pokemon considering it’s been around for  so long!sun-moon-169-en
  6. KCON 2016. Kcon 2016 will have Mamamoo, and I have become a Radish (the name of their fans lol). I don’t think I’ll be able to go to Kcon this year. The concert is worth it but not the actual convention.9656.jpg


Hmm that’s all I got for now. So long folks!

Music of the Month

Well…it’s almost the end of February 2016. 2016!!! Jesus the years have flown past…. It seemed like only yesterday when I started this blog and I was writing about otome games and now it’s all about BJDs.

Anyway, this month’s music is definetely 4minute’s Hate. ENJOOOOY!

Iplehouse Grace and Cordelia arrive!

You may remember that Iplehouse held a Christmas event from December to January this year. Their event was something along the lines like spend $1000 get $100 off or spend $500 and get $25 off the order. I ordered an SID Grace in Normal Skin with the large bust option, general thigh and faceup C, and I had her on 3 months layaway. I also ordered a couple of clothes and a new pair of SID hands for Nana.

Along the way, before I finished paying my final layaway, I won an Iplehouse Cordelia off the website – she is real skin, with a faceup and mobility thigh. So after the 3 months passed, I had both dolls on their way and they arrived today!

I was actually more enthusiastic about Cordelia (sorry Grace). I have decided to call her Aerys (pronounced Aeris) and she is my first Iplehouse JID doll. I had liked Cordelia when she came out in the Carved Heritage series and when I missed out on her, I looked at her once more when Iplehouse re-released their CH dolls. I still didn’t buy her, however! When the auction came, I actually got her for more than $100 cheaper. NEAT!



So Cordelia came in a snazzy blue box with her COA and manual. Her faceup was very lovely:)


Next, I saw all the clothes I’d ordered and so took a quick pic – I’ve still got my KIDs so I bought a new dress for Lonnie and the EID Signor R.set. Let’s just say……….I have never spent so much on clothes….and its not even for me, but a doll…….


Oh well, I really don’t regret it considering how great The Boss looks with it on (I’ll see if I can show you guys pictures later).

I got 2 Iplehouse calendars so I’ve put one up on sale. It’s very nice ^^

Here is Grace’s box – it’s the new SID woman box which you may know about by now. It’s black with a mannequin-like SID woman on it. I actually preferred the old box design.



As mentioned before, I got Grace in NS, large bust, general type and with faceup C. I actually thought about getting Yur’s faceup and I asked Iplehouse about the custom faceup but decided to go with a Grace default one. I was torn between faceup A and C because they both looked so nice. Needless to say I’m not disappointed at all!


I quite liked her blue eyes but decided to try my own to see what kind of look I could achieve with her. Again, I was not disappointed!


Aside from that, I’ve dressed her in an Iplehouse dress and given her a wig (that definetely needs brushing) and I took her downstairs to show my sister. To my absolute horror she pointed out that her bust was huge and she looked like a porn star. Sigh.

So, a bit about why I chose Grace…her sculpt is PERFECT and fits a character of mine who is simply known as ‘The Baroness’. The Baroness is the wife of The Boss (or Roan, as he is not formally known as). A long time ago, he was injured in a fight and as he tried to escape from his pursuers, he broke into a large mansion and was found by The Baroness. She pitied him and took care of him, but he fell in love with her and when he had recovered fully, he fled the mansion. Now, the Baroness already had a fiance, but Roan came back for her, killed her fiance and took her away. Since then, he constantly showers her with exotic and luxurious gifts, but she neither reciprocates nor does she try to escape from him and she seems somewhat content being under his care…. So it’s a bit of a strange relationship… but that’s their story anyway.

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed!


My Forged Wedding: Tamaki Kikushima Walkthrough (Super Happy Ending)


Ooooh it’s been so long since I posted something about otome games. I decided to post a walkthrough for Super Happy Ending for Tamaki who recently became available for 5 chapters (ALL FOR FREE) along with Yamamoto but I chose Tamaki because Raaaawr he’s one hottie. Plus I played this game until 3am in the morning. That was how hooked I was. The last time I was hooked on something like mad was Pokemon Black/White (LOL).

PS Sorry it says Merry Christmas this is Tamaki’s special image. I couldn’t find anything else UWAGHH TT_TT Continue reading

Christmas Haul 2015!!!!

Hey everyone, hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and gotten everything you wanted! And I hope this year’s been good to you too. For me, it’s been rather rough hence my lack of posts and most of my focus was actually on my BJDs.

Anyway, I will be writing about my Christmas haul and what I got in the Christmas sales this year. The sales were really good and also really bad in the UK last year – big stores like Tesco, Asda etc held major sales such as half price TVs etc which led to people beating up other people just to get these massive savings. It was all over the news so this year said big stores have toned down their sales a bit. Even Amazon UK jumped on the bandwagon and unleashed their daily deals which had DVDs, video games and other stuff at half the price.

So let’s get started! Just to let you know I got everything mostly online and I look at a lot of designer brands for stuff.


Starting with the boots… well, they’re Caterpillar boots. I got them for half price from Debenhams. They always host at least 10-15% off beauty and then up to 50% for womenswear, bags, menswear, electricals etc.

debenhams 20 per cent off

The DVDs are from Amazon and their ‘Lightning Deals’. They held these beginning of the Christmas week and I got Homeland Season 1-3, Scrubs Complete Series and Hannibal Complete Series for all more than half the price.

We’ll move onto the Aspinal of London box. That’s a small black purse in Saffiano which I got from my sister as a Christmas present but she did tell me she got it at a discount. I had always wanted the purse anyway so initially during the month of December, they had a 20% sale. On Boxing day that went to 50% off. But just to let you know stuff will be sold out so even if you wait it out, what you want could actually be sold out.

aspinal of london

Now we’ll move onto the makeup. I got a Givenchy mascara from Debenhams at 10% off, and the rest were from a website called Feel Unique. Feelunique was really good because they had loads of sales from up to 50% off and then if you google up Discount Codes you can actually get up to 20% off if you order up to £100. It’ll be £15 if you ordered £50. Nevertheless, pretty good savings huh? I managed to get a few Urban Decay stuff and more mascaras (I am a mascara fiend).

I got Fallout 4 from Game and already I am hooked. I’ve been playing it for a week now non-stop (because it’s so addictive), so I’m pretty glad I didn’t get it when it first got released and got it at a reduced price. I also got The Sims 4 but I forgot to take a picture. I’m glad I got that game at a bargain considering The SIms 4 is pretty boring compared to The Sims 3.

I also got a Superdry windcheater jacket. Not on the picture, I know, but I got one at 20% off. They also had 50% at Boxing Day but online everything was sold out by then or the size I wanted was no longer available.

superdry sale

Zara is usually a good shop for sales too so I nabbed myself a nice leather jacket and a fluffy jacket at less than £30.

zara sale

Then there’s Mulberry…they held their sale on boxing day.

mulberry sale

Personally I am not a big fan of Mulberry so I missed out.

I am also not a big fan of Gucci but I missed this and holy hell I am gutted.


Selfridges had 20% off earlier on at end of November but I sat that one out because I couldn’t see anything I wanted. Harrods also had up to 30% off selected items and none really took my fancy.


Then John Lewis had their clearance and price match. My sister and my mum got Samsung tablets at a really great price!!!

samsung e tablet

YSL also had a sale – which I didn’t know about and by then everything was mostly gone and even then I still couldn’t afford it *sobs*

ysl sale

Anyway I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Next year I’ll definitely know where to shop!!!

Time for some more Bad Romance

Ahahaha, so we go from fabulous photos of Jin to cringeworthy Bad Romance covers. Prepare to LOL like you have never LOL’d before. Heeeey, I promised, didn’t I?

But of course, we have something Christmassy:


Next up…From My Little Pony to My Amish Boyfriend…






Someone commented: That manboob is at least a C cup. I couldn’t agree more.




Keep on truckin’ lol


Look at the review: “A #1 selling classic of some kind!” – some guy LOL


And I thought my indecisiveness was bad…




As usual, best for last…

Funny clown isolated on white

Funny clown isolated on white


Faceup and Mako Eyes update!

I have 2 things to celebrate today. Firstly, The Boss’ head came back to me today. Second, my makoeyes order came too!! I sent The Boss’ head to a professional artist called ticuk for a faceup. He arrived today, yay! And he looks absolutely amazing!!!

I sent The Boss in a box I got and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Ticuk sent me it back. Yay, thank you so much, I can reuse it ^^ She also gave me a cute little gift and a card. Look!


Here he is back on his body. HIS FACEUP IS AMAZING I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TICUK!!!!!


The only person not happy with his arrival would be Reiji. They are arch enemies lol.


Now onto my mako eyes ^^

I ordered 3 pairs. It’s so DAMN HARD to find a decent pair of dark brown eyes…. but even the dark brown I chose turned out to be more of a purple-y color.


I’ll need to show them all on a doll later. For now I put one pair on Nana because she really needed a pair of dark brown eyes ^^ Yay now she matches Reiji:)