Faceup and Mako Eyes update!

I have 2 things to celebrate today. Firstly, The Boss’ head came back to me today. Second, my makoeyes order came too!! I sent The Boss’ head to a professional artist called ticuk for a faceup. He arrived today, yay! And he looks absolutely amazing!!!

I sent The Boss in a box I got and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Ticuk sent me it back. Yay, thank you so much, I can reuse it ^^ She also gave me a cute little gift and a card. Look!


Here he is back on his body. HIS FACEUP IS AMAZING I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TICUK!!!!!


The only person not happy with his arrival would be Reiji. They are arch enemies lol.


Now onto my mako eyes ^^

I ordered 3 pairs. It’s so DAMN HARD to find a decent pair of dark brown eyes…. but even the dark brown I chose turned out to be more of a purple-y color.


I’ll need to show them all on a doll later. For now I put one pair on Nana because she really needed a pair of dark brown eyes ^^ Yay now she matches Reiji :)


Dolly Updates End 2015

Hmm, so I haven’t posted for a while…and it ends up being about dolls. Why am I not surprised? For non-dolly fans out there, I’m sorry, I will post up something non-doll related soon (ie, Bad Romances) but for now please bear with me.

So I finally got my hands on a DLSR. It’s a canon EOS1200D and the results are pretty amazing. I took some very nice photos of Jin, Hikaru, Grimm and Reiji.


Although I have to admit, Jin and Hikaru are the most photogenic haha. I omitted Nana because I’m still waiting for some stuff to come through the post for her so I’ll go snap happy when they arrive.

Jin is my Soom Romantic York. He’s a pretty buff guy being an Idealian 72. I also tried some fake tattoos on him so he’s my big buff tattoo-ed macho man.

FullSizeRender (2)

Grimm’s been pretty consistent over the past couple of months he’s been with me. His nickname is Wil.e.coyote. I like this angle of my guys for some reason. Makes them look intuitive and thoughtful *3* (LMAO)

FullSizeRender (3)

Hikaru was next. He’s my Grail, an Iplehouse Claude. No matter what angle I take him from he’s so pretty. So very pretty.



I also took a photo of Reiji since I’ve neglected him quite a while. His nickname is Mr Pouty Lips.

FullSizeRender (4)

I’ve rehomed Kanna. I loved her and I loved her sculpt but I ended up not doing much with her, which really made me sad. So now I’m on the hunt for a reshell sculpt. I had Asleep Eidolon in mind, namely Dolly and Snow. Then I moved onto Luts, either Luts Chloe or Ann.


I also had my eye out on Snow:


And here is Luts Chloe


And Luts Ann…


I was still in the middle of deciding what to do when Iplehouse threw their Christmas event at me. Just to let you know I have 5 of their dolls and their event didn’t seem too great to me. It’s get $25 off if you spend $500, then get $100 if you spend $1000. I feel quite finished with Iplehouse now. I looked at Migidoll and their event and 20% off their guy bodies seemed very generous.

Then I looked at Soom and this happened –






The babies are home :)

Hey everyone, I have another box opening. Seems my recent posts so far are just box openings which kind of takes away the magic of box openings for dolls TT_TT Anyway, you won’t see another box opening anytime soon because I haven’t ordered anymore. Buying dolls is actually very stressful. It’s not even just GETTING the doll, it’s the choosing of the sculpt, knowing that you need to buy eyes, clothes, wig and shoes for them…it ain’t easy -sigh-.

My last purchase from Iplehouse were Chris, Lonnie and Irene. They arrived on Thursday 24th September. Needless to say I was more interested in the KIDs than Chris himself because I’ve never had a MSD.


This is what Chris looks like



He’s pretty P: I’ve actually put Chris up on the DOA marketplace and on ebay. I like him but unsure if I am able to keep him due to some financial issues going on. If anyone’s interested let me know.

Moving onto the KIDs…


Omg, the KID boxes are so adorable.

They slide out which is pretty neat and they’re sitting inside a little cushion. I got them all in normal skin with no faceup.

This is Lonnie:


PLUS iplehouse sent me all green eyes. For three dolls. TERRIBLE!!! Aside from that…They’re so cute and tiny X3

And this is Irene



They’re meant to be twins.

Thanks for looking!

My Grail!!! (Iplehouse Claude)

My grail is here!!! Actually he arrived two days ago but I had no time to write up a doll opening post so unfortunately I’ve had to write one now – even though I don’t actually have much time to write…. Poor grail doll! Not off to a good start, eh???

Anyway, my grail is an Iplehouse Claude. I got him in real skin, no faceup. I’ve been lusting after him since 2013. I bought a bunch of dolls before him and I love them too, they’re my doll family, but I never got Claude, partially because it was due to Doll Choice and seeing all that money disappear would make me have a heart attack.

But I figured I should get him because then I’m due to go on hiatus on the hobby to actually spend some more time and to work on my dolls a lot more so after getting Claude, I have no more desire to buy any dolls (for now). Plus, I am running out of space in my closet for anymore. That too.

So here le box of le grail:





I’ll need to work on his faceup this weekend because I have no time after work –sobs- (sorry for my fugly room it is such a mess)


He stands so well. Even as a blank face he is so gorgeous.

Thanks for looking

My Store is Now Open

Hello everyone, great news! I’ve opened up my own store to sell BJD items which I don’t need anymore. You will be able to find the same items on the marketplace on DOA too but for non DOA members please check out my new store!

Link here: Punk Doll


punk doll

Soom Romantic York in NS

Hi everyone, I have a box opening to share with you all! I finally got my Soom Romantic York through the post today yay! I ordered him back in February, had him on 4 month layaway, and that’s him just here because I didn’t realise Soom started producing the doll after you finished paying, so altogether it was a pretty long wait. Never again! If I order from Soom I’ll know for next time that I need to pay in full.

I made a box opening video but I really had no idea what I was saying so decided not to post it up L

Anyway, I’m fine with pictures so here goes!

Soom box! I am definetely keeping this. It was smaller than I thought and there was no bubble wrap around the box or anything but it was in excellent condition.




York came in a cushion that reminded me of the Dollclans one I got when Kien arrived. It was very foamy so hopefully York is safe…


Ahh! The moment of truth! York’s head was actually not packed with the doll body. He was lying in one corner but still in pristine condition. OMG he’s so pretty! I got him with the company faceup because I am terrible at faceups but I’m really happy with Soom’s faceup because he looks great! Look at dem eyebrows! I am so happy with his sculpt *3* Romantic eyes totally suit York!!


His picture really matches to the one they had on the Soom website. Because most of his promo pictures – they were either too dark or the wig was covering most of his face, I was worried I might not like his sculpt but I’m really happy with him! Soom Idealian body is quite nice! I’m liking his abs! The brain part got me a bit confuzzled at first though.



Bad news – one of his hands were damaged in transit. A finger broke off. I could glue it back but I also left a message for Soom on their board.


I randomly put on a wig and gave him some eyes. I don’t think he suits that hairstyle but I’ll see what happens



My Grail is on his way!

Claude is on his way! I got his shipping notice this morning YAHOOOO! I can’t beleive I actually did it….as in….got him. It feels weird, knowing I’ve got my grail doll and I’m actually quite scared. is that normal?






Reiji changes his hair

So I was messing around with Reiji and trying to see what kind of looks he can accomplish. I need to really work on my other dolls since even Grimm and Kanna don’t have many photos and I’ve had them for some time. Eeks, sorry guys. Anyway, I swapped a darker color of wig for a lighter one I got a while back. It fits really well!

FullSizeRender (4)

Ok so I have seriously no photography skillz and no fantabulous backdrop for dolls so you need to put with this white/blue background thing lol.

Nana: Reiji, you changed your hair.

Reiji: ……..


Nana: It’s kk I still loff you lol lol :-)

FullSizeRender (1)


I really need to get a DLSR. These was taken with my iphone lol just look at that quality pfft.

I took some nice pictures of Nana today :) I’m really starting to bond with her now, and really appreciating her sculpt ;)


I love the way she can pose, but she has difficulties standing on her own; this was a lucky photo since she was threatening to keel over the moment I let go of her. And her shoes cost even more than average HUMAN SHOES.


But I really like taking pictures of her and Reiji together. I posted a few pics on my Instagram but never released this one ;)

I don’t have a lot of outfits for Nana because I’m so dirt poor at the moment, plus, in my doll family… male dolls outnumber the females lol.

Aside from that I really like taking couple photos. I need to sort out my posing skills but check it out anyway! :)

FullSizeRender (6)

Soom Shipping Notice!

This actually came yesterday, but the tracking number didn’t work until today. OMFG IT’S FINALLY HAPPENED.


PS I ordered an Iplehouse Claude a couple of days ago. After a year+ of waiting…. I just caved.

soom shipping notice


My Doll Family August 2015 + Instagram account!

I met a new friend over DOA and after exchanging PMs and finally adding each other to instagram, I finally worked up the courage to take some photos of my dolls. So what exactly is bonding with your dolls?? Well, I would say I definetely felt closer to all of them after I tried to arrange them all for this family photoshoot.

Of course, I am still waiting for additional dolls so am definetely looking forward for more arrivals of resin babies and my ever-growing family, plus, with Reiji 2.0 and The Boss’ arrival, the family just got a little more interesting and now feels complete!

Grimm is flaunting his new outfit. It’s the fluffy collar that does it @_@ Kanna is looking as sinister as ever, and no-one will ever know what she was thinking when this photo was taken. The Boss and Reiji are standing far apart so they don’t fight, and Nana is very happy that Reiji has returned to her. Poor girl, I had her split up from for months. Needless to say they had a happy reunion although Reiji was a little awkward…


Or not?


Whilst we give Nana and Reiji their privacy, I took a lovely photo of Kanna and Grimm – they are best friends and spend a lot of time together.


Did I ever show you their matching bear onesies? Probably not… ok, here it is:



Time for another family photo; this time, I got the lighting sorted out ;) Hmm, Reiji, what on earth happened to your hair? lol



Photoboming cat dog thing in the background :)


I’ve created an instagram account as fishandchips4. Follow me and I’ll follow you too! :)