Fanfiction: What Pisses Me Off, from an Author’s Point of View

Hi everyone, I decided to post up a very ugly truthful post today. I have been writing fics since as early as 2001. I officially joined the fanfiction website in 2004. I stopped writing by 2013. I still have a look every now and then, but there’s nothing enjoyable about fics very much these days.

Here are some my peeves about writing, from an author’s point of view. I just thought about this recently and realised I had so many issues. Time to vent it out….


1. Not getting reviews for your updates.

I work hard on every chapter. I spend a fairly lengthy period writing this, so getting 506 views (for example) and only 2 reviews or none at all for that chapter actually pisses me off

2. Mary Sue OCs or Annoying Reader Inserts

I’m guilty of creating Mary Sues. I now hate them with a passion. Mary Sue OCs with ridiculous names who are paired up with canon characters with clearly dysfunctional, hyperactive and downright terrible personalities, evident from the author’s usage of caps lock in speech and overusage of swear words.

Mary Sue

3. OC stories that start the first chapter with their age and their appearance. My opinion: Who the HELL cares

“Hi my name is Ebony Blacknight, I am 14 years old with waist-long black hair hence my name. I have blue eyes with a dragon tattoo on the left side of my face. It has three claws and green scales. I wear a black corset with black fishnet stockings and pink socks and massive thirty inch platforms heels”

4. Mary Sue stories with dumb as feck backstories where they either got raped/beaten/tortured by their dad/brother/sister/mother’s boyfriend’s cousin’s nephew’s third niece’s dog

If one wants to attempt to write about sensitive stuff like this at least be considerate?

5. Getting tonnes of people adding your stories to their alert list but no reviews, and also – getting more alerts than favs

6. Dumb as feck readers who don’t read your author’s note or your story properly and leave behind some rude review when you’ve clearly covered the topic during your note

7. Stories with crap plot and writing that somehow gets more reviews than you.


8.  Chapters that end with the OC falling asleep because they’re too lazy or un-creative to end their chapter in a different manner

“And Mary Sue fell into a blissful sleep in the arms of her hero, awaiting anxiously tomorrow which would be full of adventure and joy”

Only lazy authors do that who clearly can’t write a story to save their life

9. Stories where an OC gets raped by a canon character/really bad lemons

10. Stories where the author writes with the plot summary: SUMMARY SUCKS or BAD AT SUMMARY, also stories with dumb titles

I’m sure there’s more but I’ll just stop at 10.


Star Crossed Myth: Huedhaut Sequel + Sequel Epilogue Review

Hello everyone, but of course after Huedhaut’s sequel and sequel epilogue was released I jumped straight at the chance. I think Huedhaut so far is the only Voltage guy in which I have bought the main story, the epilogue, the sequel and the sequel epilogue @_@ I’m a little surprised myself at buying his routes like crazy but squeeee it was all worth it :) I did buy Scorpio’s voiced route with Junichi Suwabe. His voice totally suits Scorpio!!!! :)

But this is not about hot stud Scorpio, today we have Hue’s sequel and also a summary of the sequel epilogue. I should probably warn you guys that there are definetely SPOILERS!! :D

I won’t write a walkthrough for the sequel this time because…

More or the less, the choices in Hue’s routes were always like this:

a) Hug him

b) Push him away

c) Tell him to STFU

So obviously to get the ‘blessed’ ending pick the ones where you are so warm and cuddly with him. Pick nasty choices like ‘Tell him to STFU’ obviously pushes the meter towards ‘forbidden’ ending. If you do tell him to STFU  he’ll comment that you’re pretty cruel HARHARHARR (but he still loves you anyway. What a man).

I got Hue’s Blessed Ending for the first playthrough and was a little disappointed with that ending. But I replayed the game again (because goddamn Hue’s route was soooo glitchy, I had infinite loading screens or Chapter 6 wouldn’t start etc etc) and I managed to get the forbidden ending by choosing the sucky evil choices where you basically stomp all over Hue’s heart with no remorse.

The premise of Hue’s sequel story is that MC is enjoying being a couple with Hue and after they enjoy some nice cake, Hue and MC have some alone time but realise they can’t truly be alone because of the other gods in the mansion unless they go somewhere nice. So Hue takes her to this fabulous Maldives island or something and they sleep together (YEAH REALLY!).

Geez what is happening to Voltage? As if Miyabi in Enchanted in the Moonlight wasn’t depraved enough we get this. LOL.

Umm…I don’t know if I should show you guys the dialogue or not. Well, here’s Hue anyway during that scene…






Anyway the morning after, Hue and MC play around a bit in bed but Hue suddenly gets a headache and MC panics that she was crappy in bed and couldn’t satisfy him and they go back home feeling lousy.

Whilst Hue begins and continues to shut MC off and keeps her distant from him, Zyglavis turns up at the mansion to be a partypooper as usual and tells MC that because her sleeping with Hue (OH MY GOD VOLTAGE TURNING THIS TO A PLOT DEVICE THAT’S JUST WRONG WEIRD I DUNNO ANYMORE) it made the earth go all over crazy and there’s something about naval warfare and water pollution and all that stuff and it hurts Hue to be near the water because he can hear its pain. Riiiiiiight. Turns out Hue was keeping MC distant while he tried to find a solution to this we-did-the-mattress-mambo-but-ah-noes-everyone-gonna-die-now-because-of-that thing to a non nuclear level but fails to find a way to stop it. They have a talk in the garden and we got this nice CG:



Turns out MC must do what her past life did and that is to sacrifice herself (again). Hue obviously refuses to accept this and tells her she is selfish and that he doesn’t want to live in a world without her.

(Sorry I can’t make this into a gif so you’ll just have to put up with seeing Hue’s pretty face hurrhurrhurrr)



MC, instead, asks him to find her again, just like how he found the goddess and MC (ARGHHH MY HEARRTTTT). MC is whisked away by Zyglavis soon without a proper farewell and he shows her the heavenly door to her doom which she must walk through and get…I dunno…vaporised or something like that. Hue turns up when MC begins to lose her nerve, however, and they decide to go through the door together.

Prepared to die together, they go through the door….

…only to see the King who tells them everything’s okay everything is sorted out now.


Yep, so I got the Blessed ending and basically MC and Hue have some alcohol in the garden and they celebrate their near-death-but-turned-out-it-was-a-fluke (I guess?) moment.

A bit discouraged by that, I replayed the game to get the forbidden ending.

And guess what? It was soooooo much better!


Firstly, what is up with Voltage using this as a plot device? It was really….out of the blue…and the situation resolved like dust in the wind >_> I expected a bit more. The Blessed ending was unfortunately disappointing in that aspect too, where Hue and MC just have a few drinks and declare their love for each other, talk about anti-climatic!!!!!

…which brings me to my next point:

Second, the Forbidden ending was actually more entertaining than the Blessed ending, because we get this:




(not that I’m complaining lol……..)

giphy (13)

In terms of the Sequel Epilogue, Hue gets even bolder when it comes to teasing MC:





Anyway, MC and Hue are invited to a ball where the winning couple gets chosen to act out this love scene at the end of it all but the King being the giant cockblock in almost everyone’s route (giant cockblock in Scorpio’s route, that’s for sure) heavenly divine being  (that looked like he popped out of The Lords of The Rings or whatever that he is), has asked Zyglavis to ask MC to go the ball and paired Hue with this randomly Hue-obsessed goddess.

Upset by this, MC is even more devastated when Hue agrees to it with no snarky comment or disobedience. Anyhoo so Zyglavis comes to get her to the ball but since Hue was supposed to give her a dress using his powers, MC doesn’t have one but Zyglavis being this fairy godmother thing gives her a dress which is like super sexy and totally to his taste.

At the ball, Zyglavis shows a kinder side to MC and they get to know each other better. For once I’ve never seen Zyglavis smile.

Whoa Zyglavis, you've turned into a totally different man!!!!!

Whoa Zyglavis, you’ve turned into a totally different man!!!!!

Yet underneath that smile Ziggy’s pretty sadistic…





But MC is still depressed by Hue’s nonchalant attitude towards all of this. Seeing him with the goddess makes her edgy and she steps on Ziggy’s foot whilst they are dancing because she is too busy eyeballing Hue and the goddess.

However, Ziggy eases her qualms by telling her that Hue was actually raging about him taking MC to the ball and even wrote him a letter. PFFFT HUE WHAT A DORK. BUT LOL YES ITS TRUE but I stupidly didn’t take a picture to show it TT_TT”

Anyway, the King, being another giant cockblocker that he is declares the winner of the ball to be Ziggy and MC and they must act out the love scene which finally forces Hue to fly off into a rage in front of everyone and let it all loose that he can’t allow this to happen.

Yay go Hue!


At the end Hue and MC act out the scene and when they go home they get to dance together and then…you guessed it, sexy timezzz. Although the sequel epilogue CG made Hue look like a giant creeper:


Anyway, thanks for reading!!!!!!!


Star Crossed Myth: Huedhaut Main Story Review + Walkthrough

Oh my god oh my god oh my god!

So I began playing Huedhaut’s route (….I still can’t prounounce his name properly urghh) and I have to say I do not regret it one bit! Here is my walkthrough and review!

I’ve played Leon and Scorpio’s route and then went to Huedhaut. I was contemplating about getting Dui’s route but after reading a sneak preview from another otome blogger I wasn’t too keen about his story premise so decided to skip him.

Anyhoo so I pretty much played Huedhaut’s route using choices I felt were the right ones and got the Blessed ending on the first playthrough yay! I actually don’t remember the actual choices I made because I just played without taking down the choices (sorry) but I did a quick rerun and again picked the ones I remember choosing and *still* got the blessed ending so hehe ;)

So Hue is the god of Aquarius who is responsible for making the alcohol and when you are first introduced to him, he already acts like he knows you but he keeps to himself. In Leon’s route, you also see him a bit more since he works for Leon but in Scorpio’s route I don’t remember seeing him much. His sin is for ‘desecrating oneself for love’.

Here is his description:



Chapter 1

Be too scared to let go

Can I see you again?

Chapter 2

Defend Huedhaut

Look at Huedhaut

Chapter 3

Yep, he really is smart

Don’t say anything

Chapter 4

Close your eyes

Arrogant Cassiopeia

Chapter 5


I guess it was destiny

Chapter 6

Say I’m happy to help

Stay silent

Chapter 7

Tell him to stop

Look at Huedhaut

Chapter 8

Be a little charmed

I wish for hue’s happiness

Chapter 9

Act pouty

Be nervous and stiff

Chapter 10

Grab his hand and stop him

I’ll never give up

Chapter 11

Be angry

Summon your strength and stand

Chapter 12

I’ll grab onto you and never let go

Hug him

~~Blessed ending~~



Here are some pictures of his route…


Omg his blushing face is sooo cute.



I don’t want to spoil too much for you, but I’m probably going to anyway……….Huedhaut’s route was very enjoyable because it was a nice and good ol’ fashioned love story. Nearer the beginning of the story, Hue is quite sarcastic and a little snarky with MC. He is still nice to her, but he maintains a distance from her which makes MC curious about him. MC starts getting dreams of a past life where she is a goddess and she is with Hue. As the story progresses, it becomes pretty clear that in her past life, she was Hue’s lover.

As MC begins to fall in love with Hue, she finds out that her past goddess self sacrificed herself to save humans from a calamity (it doesn’t say when, however) and in order to save her, Hue gave up the ‘stars’ in his left eye to preserve her soul. If he loses the stars in his other eye, he will lose his godly powers and die. His sin was apparently because of this.  He also sees the goddess’ absolve to use herself to save the humans as a ‘sacrifice’ which also makes MC a bit er…upset (not too sure if that was the right word to use) because she didn’t think of it as a sacrifice. The reason why Hue is so melancholy about the goddess’ death is because of this perspective.

MC retains her memories as a goddess but realizes Hue is still in love with her goddess self which greatly depresses her. Hue also understands this but asks MC to go on a date with him and when it is finally time for him to leave because his mark vanishes, MC realizes she loves him but could not bring herself to and they separate. unnatural weather on earth causes an assassination attempt on her life by Zyglavis who discloses to MC that she can’t control the divine power and that is causing an imbalance the earth hence the abnormal weather which will end up destroying the earth. In the heavens, Hue is going to sacrifice his right eye to prevent another calamity happening.

Obviously MC can’t allow that to happen to Hue so she summons her divine power and opens a portal to another dimension where she manages to convince Hue not to sacrifice himself like how the goddess did. There must be another way, MC says, and she manages to finally let Hue realize that there needn’t be anymore sacrifices made.

The King of the heavens then arrives and stops the calamity from happening. MC and Hue then confess their love for each other hurray!

Main Character: 4/5

MC kicked ass in this route because not only did she actually -use- her divine power for a change, but she brought Hue from his spiralling depression and made him love again! Whoohoo! And I really liked their interaction, too. MC was far more likable in this route than Leon’s. She also dresses up for Hue too when it comes to their date only to get this reaction from Hue :)


Hue: 4/5

A 4/5 from me. I liked Hue, I really did. At least he was in love with the MC and acted it. He was sarcastic and snarky but I loved that about him!!!!! He is very intelligent and he’s a good nice guy but not to the point where it gets annoying or he becomes waaaay too perfect like some stories. Hue is a god with a tragic past and his actions were right – he keeps his distance from MC because she is essentially his past lover who died (and left him all alone poor baby :() But after they interact he begins to like her as her new reincarnation. The 4 and not the 5 came from that part though. To me it did feel like it happened overnight…there wasn’t enough strong points in the story to push Hue into finally accepting the MC as MC and not his past lover. In the Blessed ending you just see that Hue is in love with MC now. Fair enough, but it still felt too quick for me in some sense.

He has a bath scene though. I definetely will not ruin that for you guys.


I liked Hue’s CG. Verrrrry nice. I wasn’t too keen on his bath one though. I didn’t include it here


Overall: 4.5/5

Hue got more than Scorpio XDDD That’s because I like good ol fashioned love stories. Plus Hue wasn’t this child soldier or anything weird like that. I’m soooo looking forward to his sequel!!!

I caved….

…And ordered Fifth Motif Venitu on layaway.   disgusted-oh-god I had a bit of a problem with ordering from their website. It’s not like Soom or Iplehouse; I ordered through the website and then paypal took me to a page where it asked for the FULL amount.

Obviously I couldn’t afford all that in one go so I cancelled. It took me back to my account page where it said my order was cancelled.


And hurriedly, furiously typed an email to Dollshe even though it was like, a Saturday and their working hours were definetely not the weekends.

On Monday I received no reply, so I re-sent the email. Then they got back to me explaining the layaway process. I sent an email back saying I wanted to do layaway and put down my dates of payment. I then went to paypal and paid for my 1st layaway, and put a note down saying who I was and what the payment was for.

After that… …nothing.

I didn’t receive any email confirmation or anything else. No acknowledge they’d taken my payment. But my Order page says ‘Processing’ so here’s me hoping everything is fine.


Because this ‘customer service’ is practically non-existent. And I was furious that I had to send my email AGAIN since I heard nothing back from them >_>

On the plus side I got Grimm’s faceup done. I’m no good, it went blotchy and became all weird. Pastels went everywhere and smudged all over his cheeks and nose. I lost my pencil sharpener and the tip was too blunt so his eyelids are funny. My camera is blurry so I’m safe for now harhar. It’s really hard to stick false eyelashes on a doll lol.

IMG_0517   Overall the process took 4-5 hours. I only sprayed on 2 layers of MSC. Man it stinks.

Here is what he looks like all wigged and dressed. For a guy doll, he’s so pretty *_* finishedgrimm I stuck on an Avengers t-shirt on him. finishedgrimm1 And here is a very nice angle of him. Awww man, he was born for the camera!!! grimm

More Bad Romances – Part 4

Time to take a break from BJDs! I’m surprised by how much BJDs can occupy one’s mind @_@ And nooooo, I haven’t forgotten about the Bad Romance(s) posts. This is part 4. I’ll try to group these under 1 category from now on.


More Slenderman erotica lol.


The guy’s mega-facepalming! Photobombing bear agrees it’s un-BEAR-able romance cover alright!


Q: Isn’t it Romantic?

A: No, not really.


Ahahah World Cup romance!!!

… I don’t get it -_____-“” ?


This book cover made me cringe for 5 minutes.


HDMI cable porn o_O This title is so bad I don’t think I can take any of this any longer =_=”


NoooOOOOooooo it does gets worse! It doesssss.


That was like, a series of terrible bad romances.


When that picture came out I kept seeing black and blue. My sister kept seeing white and gold hurrhurr.

And finally, as usual, the best for last:



Grimm is here! (Dollclans Kien)

Yahoo! My Dollclans Kien is finally home! I’ve been waiting for him since December I got him on a 2 month layaway and an unplanned trip to halfway across the world meant I had to change the layaway payment date in mid-January but Dollclans’ communication was surprisingly pleasant and very quick so I had no problems at all. The wait was painful though and then they charged me about $200 for customs. I’m not sure what happened but maybe I forgot to ask them to lower the value? I have no idea since my Iplehouse and Fairyland orders have been quite generous with customs.

…so yeah, although I was really happy with Kien’s arrival, his customs charge made me a bit sad Also, it’s quite a funny day considering I’ve decided to reshell my IOS Sezz into a Fifth Motif Venitu when I get the monies so Reiji is on his way to a new home soon, but here I am with a new doll arriving at my doorstep.

I’m also not sure why I decided to call him ‘Grimm’. He’s a character who is supposed to be quite shady, full of tricks up his sleeves and generally up to no good. I thought Kien’s sculpt was perfect. LOL.


1. Yay! Dollclans box. It was a bit bashed in some sides though >o<

2. Dollclans don’t give you boxes, they give you bags. I thought the bag was pretty awesome. It means I could use to carry Grimm around or anyone else or I’d take it with me to the gym or when I go travelling XD You can see Kien’s COA on the front of the bag too.

3. I unzipped the bag and got lots of bubblewrap and a soft pillow where Kien was mummified with bubblewrap. So far Dollclans has given me the most bubblewrap out of any doll company @_@ I could also smell lots of resin and my hands got a bit itchy.

Ze pillow of Dollclans

mummified doll!!!

4. Taking Kien out was a bit of a struggle but here he is! His headcap actually popped off halfway through haha. I didn’t get him with a faceup.

5. I made him stand to see how well he posed. He’s very light but sturdy. I forgot to censor his man bits so feast yer eyes!!! Man-junk galore. LOL LMAO SORRY!!!!

6. Here is Kien up close. The lighting in my house is very bad so he appears far more yellow than he is. He’s actually a very nice shade of ivory. I’ll try taking pics of him again in natural light and when I do his faceup over the weekend and change his eyes and wig him up (and dress him. Poor guy). I’m luvin’ his sculpt. It totally suits the character I have in mind for him.

I noticed that he has a very nice neck and he has these little horizontal lines across his chest.

So there you have it! Thank you for reading and looking

BJD Photography!

Something you must know about the BJD hobby is that owners take photos. These photos can look very professional or amateur. Me, I’m still a newbie to all this so I just make my doll stand somewhere and go snap-happy because I’m kinda lazy and don’t own a good camera of any sort. So today I will post up some really good photos of BJDs which really inspired me to get my own!

1. Fifth Motif Venitu

This is one of the best photos of Venitu I have seen in my entire life. I want this bad boy after seeing this picture:


2. Ringdoll dudes

Ringdoll is another company which has dolls which I want to get my hands on, namely Sol (the one with the blue hat). I still want him >o<

ringdol lgroup


Here is another Ringdoll picture I really like :)



3. Soom Hyperon

I still want this guy very badly.


4. Iplehouse

I’ve uploaded a photo similar to this one from my blog before, but this was one of the photos that kickstarted my desire (LOL) to own an Iplehouse Felix and Claude. They’re really hot!!!!


5. Dollzone 

I’ve never wanted a Dollzone BJD, but HOT DAMN Dollzone Cosmo is looking good and super-realistic thanks to his super talented artist.


6. Angell Studio Tusu

Okay, so I really wanted this guy after this picture came out:


But he is a limited edition and completely sold out on the website. I can’t find him anywhere :(

So there you have it! Some totally awe-inspiring BJD photography. Hope you enjoyed :3

Iplehouse Big Outfit Sale Haul 2015

A month ago, Iplehouse announced that they were holding a big outfit sale on certain clothes which would be cut down to 50% of the original price. So I had a look and OMFG! I went insane! I probably really shouldn’t have gone nuts…I mean, I wouldn’t do this in real-life…or would I? O_O

Iplehouse is known to be expensive so I really try to make orders count…But seeing certain items cut down to half price was really a godsend and I couldn’t resist! I have no self control.

So yeah, I went a bit lil’ mental and bought some goodies. I have included a picture of the stuff I got, in which I mostly got clothes for SID males since I have plans :) *cough*CLAUDE*cough*

I also bought an Iplehouse Lee head which was on sale on the DOA marketplace so he should be arriving sometime soon. Lee is discontinued so I was sooo happy I got him!!!! I need to hunt for a body though.

As usual, the items came nicely wrapped, all secure and tight by Iplehouse. I had to pay customs though :(

Here’s what I got:

And here is the breakdown!

Grey t-shirt

Baggy black pants

Grey jumper

Grey/black hoodie

Beige coat (now selling on ebay)

The awesome wool prom coat yay! It was half price whoohoo~

Black pullover

I also got the EID male layered cardigan and the cargo pants. I have no EID doll but I got it anyway in case my plans for the future change. I don’t have a picture of the layered cardigan because it was too dark and my camera couldn’t pick it up >_>

I only got 2 items for SID woman – the shirt in two colours, wine red and blue. The other items for sale for SID woman didn’t appeal to me much.

I can’t wait to try these on a doll hehe :)

ET is here! I mean, Fairyland Feeple60 Box Opening!

Hey everyone, more doll related stuff today. I noticed I had an unsubscriber and sniffed slightly, since, y’know, it happened after I began posting more and more about BJD stuff. I can’t help it if my hobbies turn a tide to a new direction. Don’t worry folks, I still like drawing and writing…just don’t do it often as much as I used to :(

Anyway, ET  Mirwen came home! I got her customs letter during the weekend and unfortunately only Tuesday was the nearest day available for delivery. To my dismay I then found out no-one was going to be at home. I went to work today panicking because I just couldn’t wait any longer.

I finished a 7pm shift and after calling my family to ask if anything came home, I was told I had missed 2 parcels but 1 was with the neighbours. I didn’t think it would be Mirwen since mostly all customs stuff I’ve had to sign for. I was like ‘NOOOOOOOOOO!’ at the thought of redelivery. I’ve been waiting since December for her.

when I came home my neighbour came over with a massive box for me and I was so happy :)

giphy (1)

1. So this is Mirwen’s box. Those idiots at Parcelforce tried to open and see what it was because the back had a massive hole in it. When they saw the foam and Korean newspaper I guess they gave up.

The box and floor are one!!! (sorry)


2. Her box was red and slightly smaller than Aria’s. I knew Mirwen was about 55cm so was aware that she’d be a lot smaller. Her box was also very light too. Her box had an engraved symbol but no matter how many pictures I took of it it wouldn’t show up on my crappy camera >_<

She came with the Fairyland calendar whooo~~~


3. She came with a Feeple booklet and certificate. She was also covered in a black velvety foam thing.


4. As nice as the velvet foam thing was, Mirwen was covered in some bits of black fluff. OMG I touched her hand and the resin was so smooth @_@


5. Mirwen has a nice body. It’s so feminine but cute at the same time. I don’t know what hands she gave me and what bust size she is. And she’s actually a lot lighter than the other dolls I have *coughREIJIHESABEASTWEIGHTOFASMALLBABYcough* I think I really like the Fairyland Fepple60 size. They’re so nice and easy to handle.


6. I had Mirwen sit and stand. She poses well and can stand by herself. Her head is pretty big, which is why the first thought that ran through my mind was “ET?” Sorry I am weird like that. Just kidding though, I love Mirwen and her sculpt. She’s a baldy right now  because I haven’t ordered any clothes or a wig for her yet *_*



The eyes they gave her are waaaay too big. I also didn’t order her with a faceup because I wanted to do it myself.

Btw, has anyone got any ideas on how to remove her head? The magnets are stuck fast or something. I can’t seem to take it off.

7. So remember the black velvet padding? She’s got a little black stain on her back and butt :( That makes me sad.



Fairyland Calendar pics:

IMG_0398 IMG_0399 IMG_0400 IMG_0401

Anyhoo, I can’t wait to dress her up and I’ll give her a faceup over the weekend so many thanks for looking :)

This is how I feel about BJDs…

This is how I feel about BJDs and the whole hobby right now:

giphy (12)

Mirwen’s on her way; she’s currently in customs which I have now paid off. I have also started a layaway for a Soom doll; I caved and ordered their newest Idealian range, York. Apparently he is the romantic-eyed version, with dreamboat K-pop boyband eyes or whatever lol. I really want Hyperon but when it was his ordering period I wimped out and was too scared to order from Soom, especially from some of the feedback I read about them online and on DOA. Then a part of me really didn’t think I wanted him. OMG how wrong I was.


I’ve never ordered an Idealian before so I wonder what they’re like; they are apparently 72cm high and bigger than Iplehouse EID men. Oh lordy. I bet clothing them will be even tougher. The pictures of R.York on the Soom site weren’t that great but I still ordered him anyway because it was those eyes that did it for me and that chin, nose and lips. Wham! Instant love. Soom was generous and gave buyers the option to get him in normal and tawny since originally he was just creamy white.

They also had this cowboy theme for him but he appeared very vampire-ish with those golden eyes of his and all.

romantic york

I believe York will come sometime in June or July. Me, being cheap as usual, didn’t order him with a faceup (maybe I should’ve??) I really have got to stop looking at these websites…