More Bad Romances

Hey everyone, here comes an early Christmas post. Please find below the titles of really bad romances, some which are Christmas-themed. If you have not seen my first post concerning bad romances, these are posts dedicated in showing truly the best worst romantic novel covers and their titles. Please bear in mind that I’m not sure if I can post these up on wordpress due to the nature of some of these book covers, but anyhoo, I’m going to fire away!





Random photobombing dog, I love it XDyou don't say


NO. Just NO!

a mixture of jeremy renner and martin freeman


Ok, this one I didn’t think was that bad. The title is a bit ‘meh’. lol.


And this is why Warm Bodies is a Hollywood movie and not this one.


Poorly photoshopped kitty cat whoohoo!


Seriously?! To me this must be the most homophobic book title I have ever seen.


Nope I’m wrong, it’s this one.


If people are writing about Loch Ness Monster erotica, then the people at fanfiction who criticize authors who write OCs and Mary Sues are wasting their energy. Nuff said.


An actual dinosaur love story. Oh my gash what will people think of next?????


This had me cringing for about five minutes.


I think the lion is thinking “WTF!”


I laughed out loud at this one.

Diabolik Lovers: More Blood CGs on Photobucket

Hey everyone, I have ruthlessly hunted down for Diabolik Lovers: More Blood CGs and have finally found them. I have also uploaded them onto my photobucket for you but if there are any problems with the link, please let me know thanks.


Otome Game Review: Diabolik Lovers -More Blood-

Fish and Chips:

Breadmasterlee and this totally awesome review on Diabolik Lovers More Blood

Originally posted on かわいいじゃなきゃダメなの!:

And so our heroine Komori Yui has been living with her abusive man-harem for some time and they are all fully aware of the power and source of her blood. One day on the way to school, their car has an accident and during the process Yui starts trippin’ balls and seeing Karl Heinz invading her brain telling her she is “Eve”.  Upon arrival to school, she runs into 4 new  half-vampire transfer students, the Mukami brothers. They are Kou, Ruki, Azusa and Yuma.  The Sakamakis think that the Mukamis are after the power of Yui’s blood and decide to protect and watch over her. For you as the player, you get to pick which one will “protect” Yui during the game ( ´_ゝ`).

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Otome Games of 2013

Hey guys! I have an exciting post about otome games today! I haven’t really been keeping up with otome games and haven’t bought any B’s-Log or Girl’s Style mags (sold them, actually lol)…I have too many things going on with my life and since otome games feel waaaaay too exclusive for Japanese audiences only, it’s pretty hard to keep up and keep interested >_> still, that didn’t stop me from having a snoop around to see what the year 2013 brought to us in otome games. Mind you, I think some of these are still in development/still to be released…

1. Dot Kareshi We’re 8bit Lovers!


So first up, we have Dot Kareshi We’re 8bit Lovers, which is an otome game that also has a sequel, Dot Kareshi II. Ohhhh I thought this was so cute until I read reviews saying that all the guys were perverts , and here I was pretty darn excited about this game. What interested me the most is that it is an RPG theme, in which you play the heroine who gets sucked into a verrrry old RPG you stopped playing eons ago and after leaving your party to rot away for some time, they’ve become a bit…well, crazy. I’ve Liked a few posts from other otome game writers so if you are interested, please check out their pages for more details :) In the first game, you can choose either Hero, Mage, Thief or Priest. In the second game, you can choose Knight, Beastmaster, Dancer or Monk.


What’s so hilarious about this game is that yes, ALL the guys have become so warped they are utter perverts and they like you A LOT and the heroine has no lines apparently, only saying xxxxxx or angry speech bubble marks to show her reactions (which are equally hilarious by the way). The game also takes the mick out of all RPGs with characters moaning about how boring some quests are, from breaking pots and barrels in NPC’s homes just to get freebies and ‘equipping’ clothes that give stats boost with the guys literally stripping down in front of the poor heroine’s eyes just to put it on XDDDD Mmm sounds like my cup of tea.



2. Jewellic Nightmare

Hohohoho what have we here? This otome game gives me a Diabolik Lovers vibe for some reason (and I like Diabolik Lovers very much lol).


I am totally digging the guy’s designs for this game (one is even wearing a dress harhar), and the overall premise is very exciting, too. In real life, our heroine’s life revolves around many guys including the 24 year old handsome chef of the cafe Felice (must be the main guy since he’s on the cover art).


The game appears to challenge whether you like nice, normal everyday guys or if you like their hellish, cruel-tastic, sadistic counterparts which the heroine encounters in a nightmare dream world she has visit every night, forcing her to choose between reality or her dreams. Then again, are the nice, normal everyday guys truly that nice and normal as they seem?


jewellic nightmare1

3. Jyuuzaengi Engetsu Sangokuden 2

OMFG I loved the first game. Now there’s a sequel announced. With MOAR fantastical eargasmic music. With MOAR characters. You just know the way to my heart, don’t you Idea Factory? Chouun, I’m back baby!!!!!!!!!!!!



4.  Jooubachi no Kanbinaru Kougou


Huh, ok, this is a weird one. This is apparently a Rated 18 game in which there  are two heroines and the plot is that after the ‘Queen Bee’ dies, she is to take over and she also has 6 ‘bee drone workers’ or whatever the translated part said (not sure lol) but they ‘attend’ to her so AHEM! Yep, otome games can get so ornery like that. Hahaha. There are also supposed to be 6 Drama CDs much like Diabolik Lovers where you hear the voice actors making kissing/sucking noises to you, the player/listener…I find it weird that there is a market for these kinds of games/CDs, but people like it, so meh. PS I think this website also wins the Most Awkward Website To Scroll Down Award.


5. Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu


Ok, I don’t know much about this game, but the artwork is from the same artist who drew for Niise no Chigiri and Genroh so HELL YEAH I am already in love with this bubblegum pop pink bubbles ninja game. It reminds me of Ninja Love for Gree and you can choose any famous ninja you want to be with :3 It is so pink and dreamy though. OoooOOOoohhh so much pretty guys *3*



Super Junior Super Show 5 – London November 2013

Hey guys! Today I have an exciting new post about my most recent trip to London to see Super Junior who were performing for one night only at Wembley Arena! My sister and I bought tickets off Ticketmaster about a month before the event (September, I think); we had the option to go to the new website AXS which has a waiting line process but when we went, the tickets were actually poor so we went to ticketmaster instead and bought N6 tickets.

We’d been to Wembley Arena before to see Big Bang back in 2012 therefore we were familiar with the venue and last time, we sat in S9 which is rather high up as it was a fraction above S6 which is much, much closer to the stage and catwalk. This time we got N6 so we were very happy but I have to say the best seats are possibly S8 or N8 as the catwalk stops right there and that’s where the stars will always stop and wave. I will write more about the Super Junior Super Show experience below…

Anyway, we went to London with the aim of visiting places we hadn’t been before, ie, Harrods, so we booked a train down to London on Saturday morning, wrote up a plan to go to either Selfridges and Oxford Street to do a little shopping before heading off to Wembley Arena via Jubilee or Metropolitan line. Since it was the weekend, it was incredibly busy and when we arrived in Euston, it was mobbed and when we went down to the tube, all ticket machines were jampacked. I got a Daycard for £8.00 (price depends on Zone. Wembley Arena is in Zone 1-4) while my sister had an oyster card handy from her previous excursions to London (It is best to buy an oyster card which can be topped up if you use the tube a lot and most ticket machines can accept change, notes and bankcard).

At Wembley, there were Elves handing out banners for free so we managed to pick some up; there were also massive queues at the South and North doors even though the concert did not begin in 1-2 hours. When we were checking in to the Hilton Wembley Arena hotel (Super Junior were staying there, imagine our shock and amazement), girls began screaming outside so I ran out and saw two members of Super Junior waving from the windows of their room LOL.

So, moving onto the concert….it was AMAZING! Our seats were great as we were so close to the stage!


We paid £150+ for our seats though O_O The only niggle was that there was a massive wire hanging overhead and down the stage so our videos and photos had this large black line in the middle TT_TT Since we were sitting so close to the stage, we were unfortunately a bit too far from the catwalk and we had a lovely view of the back of Super Junior when they were performing on the catwalk -sigh-. I think the best areas were standing for this concert around the catwalk area since there was not a lot of people standing compared to SM Town. The front of the catwalk was a completely different story, however (it was full).

Super Junior Super Show 5 was missing Yesung, Leeteuk, Heechul, Henry and Zhou Mi, however Kangin who was at military service returned and there were also Chris and Suho from EXO came so initially fans were really angry about the missing Super Junior members but to keep fans happy, Super Junior said quite a lot when it was the speaking parts (eg. Donghae: “You are my girlfriend, my sister, my best friend, my baby” etc….). Nevertheless, I think fans were really happy in the end since there was a lot of ‘NOOOOOOO’s!!!!’ amongst the crowd when Super Junior said the show was coming to an end after 3 hours were up. Chris and Suho also came out at the very end of the show as they had been sitting with the crowd to cheer Super Junior on.

exo chris and suho

The concert started with a Super Junior show on all screens – Super Show seems to have this spy/action theme since they were all carrying guns, riding motorbikes and shooting at people etc so it was all good. Since we were very close to the stage we saw Super Junior coming in and taking their positions and then once the video was over, they performed Mr Simple and Bonamana. For Bonamana, they went to the catwalk so as I said before, we got a view of their backs. How nice. A lot of our pictures were blurry because Super Junior moved around a lot so unfortunately the only good pictures I can show you guys are when they were standing/sitting/singing ballads.

They will do some speaking where they talk about how much they love London and how it was an honour to be there. Super Junior have good english but unlike Big Bang and their Tour, they had a translator whenever they switched to Korean. I can’t remember much what they said but they did speak a lot and I do remember when they introduced themselves there was a lot of cheering for Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk.


Somewhere near the beginning, Kyuhyun will perform his solo on his keyboard in the middle of the stage and sing ‘Isn’t she lovely’ and play the harmonica until Shindong will come out and do this weird dance around him (Soooooo hilarious!) before grabbing the harmonica and playing it himself with his mouth and nose hahaha (which means it’s a recording but whatever, we all love Kyuhyun). Siwon, Kangin, Ryeowook and Sungmin will cross-dress – and wow Ryeowook looked so pretty as a girl @_@ Then Eunhyuk and Donghae will sing Oppa, Oppa.

Sometimes Super Junior will go to the edge of the stage, ask a fan for their camera and take a picture of themselves for the fan. Someone threw a Finding Nemo toy on stage but Super Junior threw it back into the crowd unfortunately. I think the best part of the concert was when they sang ‘Shake it Up’ and ‘Rockstar’…well, to be fair Siwon took off his shirt, ran into the front of the standing area and let fangirls claw and grab at him before returning to the stage saying ‘Had enough?’ haha. However, he did managed to persuade Eunhyuk to take off his shirt which I’m sure had caused many nosebleeds. They also sang their song where they all come out dressed as heroes like Spiderman, Wolverine, Thor, Loki, Hulk and Captain America lol.

The show started at around 8pm and finished at roughly 11.30pm. That was pretty awesome :) Donghae also had his camera stuck to the end of a stick so he was holding that up a lot during the concert (I at first thought it was a hockey stick lol).


Main highlights of concert/trip:

- Kyuhyun waved at us TWICE. I can’t remember the first time but the second was when we were holding up a banner saying ‘Keep Calm and I Do’, it was when they were singing ‘Marry U’.


- Donghae waved at us during ‘So I’ :D

- Since we were staying at the Hilton, we waited with other fans and saw Eunhyuk, Shindong, Donghae, Kangin and Ryeowook. They walked past us to get to the lift, escorted by security. It was a pretty intense moment since nothing like that had ever happened to us in our entire lives sooo….


- Ryeowook came down for breakfast at the Hilton about 9am at the same time we did haha. A few girls went over but we decided not to. I mean, the guy wants to eat. Leave him alone lol.

- Um…someone yelled out the name ‘Wooyoung’ during the concert. It was an awkward moment but…this is Super Junior’s concert, not 2PM!

get out

Anyway, I will end this post with photos. From the concert, Siwon was actually my favourite member of Suju but now Kyuhyun and Donghae are my favourites now :)


K-Pop Favourites of October 2013

Hey everyone; here are my favourite K-pop songs of October 2013 so far. I only have two though; here we have SHINee’s ‘Everybody’ in which the song and MV seems to be a nutcracker/airplane pilot/military/M-Bison from Streetfighter theme. Something about SHINee is that ALL their dances contain so much unique dance moves and there is so much power and energy in their performances and to see these young guys performing these at least more than 500 times really makes them something. Their songs are never the same and it’s amazing these guys can remember so much and their teamwork and synchronization is mind-boggling. I’m sure they’re pretty tired of performing Lucifer all the time, so now we have ‘Everybody’ (which looks even harder than Lucifer like x10).

Also, you might be aware that the South Korean girl group T-ara went under serious fire a while back regarding bullying. Essentially, there was a scandal in which T-ara members were accused of bullying one of their members (and rapper) Hwayoung. There was quite a lot of investigating and Hwayoung has left the group, This was a while ago so there was not much promotion on T-ara’s behalf except from one of their songs ‘Sexy Love’ after the scandal. Their newest member Areum was there for the promotion of Sexy Love but is not present for T-ara’s newest hit single ‘Number 9′ as sources say she has apparently decided to pursue a solo career (hmm, good luck with that).

Anyway, to see these girls bounce back from such negative press is…well, I’m not sure if the bullying claims were real, but here is T-ara’s new song. It is quite catchy and I like Jiyeon’s hair (I think she likes it a lot too).

The Post About Creepy, Weird Stuff

Hey everyone, I feel like blogging again! I guess this is an early Halloween treat as I really wanted to write about some things that I’ve always found interesting – Creepy, weird mysteries! (or maybe some have already been solved but as you may know, I am an outdated person). Anyway, the world is rife with mysteries and my post only contains less than 0.01% of mysteries accounted for in the history of mankind. Perhaps next time I’ll write about out-of-place artifacts, monolithic artifacts, UFOs, conspiracy theories, weird science, urban legends and other things that make you go Hmmm! For now, these five will have to do. Right then, let’s begin.

1. Devil’s Footprints.

This is something I actually studied in primary school – yes, Primary School…when I was eight years old or something. We studied this during an english lesson and there was an interesting excerpt about it that has gripped my mind even until now. Basically, the phenomenon ‘Devil’s Footprints’ took place in England 1855 after a night of heavy snowfall. The following morning, a trail of footprints were discovered that went on for about 40 to 100 miles. The reason they were called ‘Devil Footprints’ was because the footprints were ‘cloven’, ie, hoof-shaped and mostly single file. Many crazy theories popped up – from one-legged kangaroos hopping around the english countryside, the Jersey Devil searching for sinners, to people doing handstands with horseshoes on their hands.


Even up until this day, people still don’t know what may have created or caused these ‘devil’ tracks but If that doesn’t freak you out, wait until you hear this – the footprints travelled over houses, rivers haystacks and other obstacles – even snow-covered rooftops. Freaky!

2. The Wow! Signal

You’ve probably heard of this one already – but in 1977, a signal was detected by the ‘Big Ear telescope’ of the “Search For Extraterrestrial Life” worker Jerry Ehman. It lasted for 72 seconds and since then, has not been heard again. The reason it is called Wow! is because Mr Ehman circled the signal detection printout and wrote ‘wow!’ beside it; since then It has baffled scientists for over 35 years and although the signal has apparently been responded to, there has not been a response back.


The weird thing is that the signal was transmitted from a constellation 120 light years away from Earth somewhere deep in the star of Sagittarius. It is know that ‘if the signal came from extraterrestrials, they are likely to be an extremely advanced civilization, as the signal would have required a 2.2-gigawatt transmitter, vastly more powerful than any on Earth’. Maybe we are not alone after all…

3. Flannan Isles Lighthouse

You are probably wondering, “What is so creepy about a lighthouse?”


Well, this mystery is another topic I studied in primary school – basically the premise is this: a dark stormy night, severe weather, captain of a boat trying to come onto shore sees a non-functioning lighthouse, goes inside, finds that the three lighthouse keepers have vanished, nothing taken, no signs of robbery/violence… lighthouse keepers never to be found ever again. In December 1900, the three lighthouse keepers – Ducat, Marshall and Macarthur – were missing from the lighthouse. A search was conducted on the rest of the island but the men were never found and haven’t been seen since.

Many theories popped up regarding this: “one keeper had murdered the other two and then thrown himself into the sea in a fit of remorse; that a sea serpent (or giant sea bird) had carried the men away; that they had been abducted by foreign spies; or that they had met their fate through the malevolent presence of a boat filled with ghosts.” Spooky!

4. Nazca lines

Yep, the famous Nazca Lines are something I think are worth mentioning in this post. They are giant drawings in the ground ranging from monkeys, spiders, lizards and people, speculated to have been created by the ancient Nazca culture between 400-650 AD and are so large that they can be seen from space! What are the purpose of these lines? Many people believe they could be ‘runways’ for spacecraft, or they are to be seen by “gods in the sky”, ie, aliens, I do believe that refers to.


The reason why I mention this is because of UFO theories where aliens visited the earth eons ago and helped develop human civilization…however, humans were too primitive to understand the alien’s advanced technology and culture. Instead, they referred to these beings, or ‘ancient astronauts’, to be gods and deities and made statues, paintings and other artifacts in their image. It’s really interesting if you put your mind to it. Prometheus, anyone?

ancient as


I think this GIF fits in nicely here -

must resist

5. Houska Castle

Houska castle is a Gothic edifice in the Czech Republic most notably believed to be built over a bottomless pit that leads to Hell (it is alleged to be underneath the chapel of the castle). As one source states: “One legend claims that in the 13th century, King Ottokar II of Bohemia (or else a nobleman of the Dubá clan) offered a pardon to any condemned prisoner who consented to be lowered into the pit and report what he saw. The first prisoner lasted only a few seconds before he began screaming. When he was pulled back up, the story goes, his hair had turned white and it seemed he’d aged 30 years—and he babbled incoherently about half-human creatures who flapped through the darkness of grotesque wings.” Other reports say the prisoner died days after. The castle’s defenses are also built not facing outside, but inside, as though to keep something inside from getting out. Creepy!!!

I think I know where to visit next time I go to holiday!

Um...maybe not...

Um…maybe not…

Anyway, that’s all I have for now! I hope you enjoyed this post! happy early Halloween everyone!

Want Your Bad Romance!

Hey everyone, apologies for lack of posts. Nothing interesting going on with my life worth blogging unless it includes how much I am hating my current job at the moment and looking at tumblr really brightens up the rest of my day, such as this Tumblr I found which features the Worst Romantic Fiction Titles and their Covers. I apologise if you happen to see this and your romance novel is uploaded here on display; it is not intended to make anyone feel bad. If it makes you feel better, as I said before, I work at a cruddy job and these really brighten me day! So let’s get on with this post, shall we?

Right, so here we have…

tumblr_mpa20aVjRb1r4sqyeo1_500This is apparently a book. Really.


A romance titled ‘Spells and Bananas’. Mmm can’t imagine what that might be about.

tumblr_m48hvuoLxT1r4sqyeo1_500From what this book cover suggests her secret wish is to get it on with that dude while a child watches. Lovely.


Look at how uncomfortable that guy looks. It’s like ‘Hahaha….ha…um, yeah’.


As the Tumblr comment says: ‘I must have missed the episode where Dean Winchester from Supernatural becomes the Goblin King’.


Am I allowed to post this up on wordpress? it’s just the naked chest of a man plus a tentacle. Eep.


There should be a fanfiction genre for THIS if people are writing about this!


One word: WHAT.


I don’t think this will win any photoshopping award. No siree.

So yes, that’s all I’ve got so far. These are quite recent book covers found by the tumblr called ‘Bad Romances’. Check it out if you’re interested!!!!!