More Bad Romances – Part 3

Hey guys, just when book titles couldn’t get any worse……we have these. Here is part 3 featuring some of the very worst romantic book titles to grace the history of romance. Please find below more cringetastic  titles and covers all for your benefit. Enjoy! tumblr_mpgryuQUW01r4sqyeo1_400 More Slenderman romance. it’s the rage these days. facepalms in space As per the comment on tumblr: facepalms in space! Although now that I look more closely….The book is called ‘Not Quite Pizza’. I don’t get it. tumblr_n8ns401Wsu1r4sqyeo1_400   Perhaps I should have warned that there’d be nudity in this post? tumblr_n17imtHVmt1r4sqyeo1_500 I guess ‘Ninja Love’ was too boring for a title so we have this. tumblr_n39hr6CKUT1r4sqyeo1_400 Ohhhh how romantic this looks….lol Yep he’s one lucky lord alright. tumblr_mpode7SI431r4sqyeo1_400 Heheh, and you thought it couldn’t get any worse, right? tumblr_n6awwdKwRh1r4sqyeo1_400 Nope, it can. tumblr_n6dejcKx1A1r4sqyeo1_400 Why does this title scare me so much? He has a look on this face that says ‘I’m going to kill you in your sleep’. tumblr_mvbjijpvyL1r4sqyeo1_400 I actually feel sorry for the poor guy. Oh, and I saved the best for last by the way…. DRUM ROLL PLEASE! DUUUDDUUUU DUUUUM! WE HAVE.. tumblr_n76zorgRJu1r4sqyeo1_400

The Man of Many Faces (aka An Expression Tutorial)

Hey everyone, I’m starting to post more frequently! :) to be fair it’s because its the weekend and I have dedicated my time in using my tablet more often. It’s been sitting in a box somewhere unused and unloved. Welp, today I bring to you all, an expression tutorial! …..Although it’s more like a post about expressions since I haven’t really done anything in great detail compared to my other posts.

Nevertheless, let’s start! :)

(PS Sorry about the hair. Please ignore it lol)

1. We’re using this guy today as our model. He’s nameless for now. I love drawing faces, and for some reason I keep drawing guys =__=” Anyhoo, this is his normal face. It’s kind of in-between, neutral, if you get what I mean. To achieve this, make the line of the mouth as straight as possible so he’s not frowning OR smiling. Even though he is a dude, I drew some bottom lashes on him…. of course I didn’t go overboard or else he’ll look weird.

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First BJD faceup – IOS Sezz

Hey everyone, I finally got off my lazy a$$ and did something productive today! I did my faceup for my Sezz head that I ordered from Immortality of Soul. I actually ordered this doll head back in March-April and it came nearer the beginning of June. Since then I researched extensively on materials used by BJD owners. I really wanted a faceup commission from a good artist but I thought to myself I’d give this a shot to see how I fared and this is what happened:

So here is Sezz when he came through the post. He was just a blank doll head; he came in a nice IOS box and was well-packaged.


And this is my attempt at a faceup….. sorry, don’t expect any fantastic BJD photography here. I just snapped quick shots with my sister’s HD camera. See below…. Continue reading

Enchanted in the Moonlight: Miyabi Sequel Walkthrough


Well, I’ll just cut to the chase – read below for the walkthrough to the sequel to get the Happy End.

I finished playing Miyabi’s route several times now, to see what other options yielded before moving onto the Epilogue and Sequel. If you are interested in the Main Route walkthrough, I have posted it somewhere on this blog. As usual, I played first time round with no guide because I didn’t see the need and got the Happy End in my first try. There is also the Good end but I suppose all you need to do is pick the most heartless/cruel choices that are available. Continue reading

Enchanted in the Moonlight: Miyabi’s Route + Walkthrough

Enchanted in the Moonlight:



Hey everyone :) I have never written a review for an otome game before but here I felt compelled to write one for the newest Voltage game which is out on android and IOS. Voltage is famous for various English language otome games for phones such as ‘Love Letter from Thief X’, ‘Sleepless: Seduced in the City’ and ‘Ten Days with my Devil’ etc. You may have heard of those titles before and I’ve played them but again, I have never felt like I wanted to write anything until I recently played Enchanted in the Moonlight.

Hm, okay, so if I remember correctly, the story premise is this: you live in a shrine and work as a librarian where one night you have this freaky dream where these 2 mysterious men appear to you in your home and tell you that you have ‘awakened’. The following day various accidents occur that are narrow hit and misses with you such as bookshelves almost falling on top of you or cars swerving dangerously out of control in the road about to hit you and you are saved each time by 5 really hot guys! When you get home you are confronted and it is let slip that you have special blood that all ayakashi (demons) are after and the 5 guys are really demons in disguise! However, the good news is that these particular 5 demons are good and don’t want to hurt you or let your special blood to fall in the wrong hands, ie, in the evil ayakashi. The bad news is that evil ayakashi will go after you from now on and you have to choose one of the 5 goodies to protect you.

So here you are your choices…

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World of BJD – Part 2!

Hello everyone, time for a quick but new post! Okay, get ready everyone for hot DOLLS. Yes, that’s right, they’re not even real people. They’re dolls, BJD, in fact. Insanely beautiful guys/gals made out of resin. Here comes Part 2!!! I haven’t posted for ages! I’m sorry, I really don’t have time for blogging anymore. I’d like to blog for a living, but unfortunately nothing remotely interesting really happens in my life and I have a 9-5 office job which really drains a lot out of me >0< Anyway, this is another post about dolls. I’ve been looking at Ball Jointed Dolls (BJDs) again because I decided that I really really really want one and I wrote a post a long time ago about the BJDs that I want so today, I’ve compiled another list of BJDs that I really like the look. Please enjoy ~ :)

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More Bad Romances

Hey everyone, here comes an early Christmas post. Please find below the titles of really bad romances, some which are Christmas-themed. If you have not seen my first post concerning bad romances, these are posts dedicated in showing truly the best worst romantic novel covers and their titles. Please bear in mind that I’m not sure if I can post these up on wordpress due to the nature of some of these book covers, but anyhoo, I’m going to fire away!





Random photobombing dog, I love it XDyou don't say


NO. Just NO! Continue reading

Diabolik Lovers: More Blood CGs on Photobucket

Hey everyone, I have ruthlessly hunted down for Diabolik Lovers: More Blood CGs and have finally found them. I have also uploaded them onto my photobucket for you but if there are any problems with the link, please let me know thanks.